Thursday, May 9, 2013

5 DIY Mother's Day Gift Ideas {and a bonus tutorial!!}

Mother's Day is right around the corner! Just in case you forgot are having a hard time coming up with ideas, I thought I'd share a few adorable DIY options that I found. Be sure to click the links under the pictures to see step-by-step tutorials from these awesome bloggers!

From the school-aged child.
Would a great idea for a teacher to do for his/her class.
{Food Love and Life Blog}

Water color her favorite picture.
{Grow Creative}
From a newborn
{Super Mom Steph}

For a mother who cherishes heirlooms.
My mother would LOVE this!
Her mother isn't with us anymore and my mom cherishes her old recipe cards.
{Spoon Flower}
And now for what Ayden is giving his grandmothers for Mother's Day:

Footprint butterfly flower pots!
Step 1: Gather your supplies.

Supplies needed:
- 1 pot (big enough to fit your child's footprints)
- acrylic paint (I used outdoor)
- paint brushes/sponge applicator
- permanent marker
- a wet towel or wipe (to clean between colors or fix mistakes)
- her favorite flowers
Step 2: Get your toddler set up in his high chair with his favorite snack.

"Will sit still for frozen blueberries!"
Step3: Use your sponge applicator to paint his feet girly butterfly colors.

"It tickles!!"
Step 4: Make the footprint wings.  You'll want the outsides of the footprints to be touching in the middle.

This is when you might need the wet cloth.
It took us a few tries on a few of the prints.  
Step 5: Use a paint brush to fill in the butterfly details.

Step 6: Personalize it with your permanent marker. 

Final step: Fill it with LOVE!

{These are Dahlias.  They make me smile.}
They were so cute I had to make one for me too.
Happy Mother's Day to me!!
I have always been a sucker for hand and footprints. These pots could also be used to hold makeup brushes (along with a small bag of stuffed animal bead filler), pens, cooking utensils.  Think outside the box, the sky is the limit!  Since we are gifting these as flower pots, I decided to use outdoor acrylic paint, just in case they wanted to put the pots out in their gardens.  I also will be leaving the flowers for the grandmothers in their original plastic pots nested in the butterfly pots, in case they want to plant the flowers in their gardens then use our pots for something else.  

I love how these turned out and am also so glad that I took the time to make one for me too!  I will cherish those tiny footprint butterflies for years to come.

What are you planning to give the mothers in your life?  Share more ideas in the comments below!!


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