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Hi there!  Thank you for stopping by to live life with us, the Ladniers!

David, Sarah and Ayden

I'm Sarah, a former early childhood educator turned stay at home wife and mom.  I started this blog to help me journal my way through my first year of mommyhood (and also as a place to organize all of the pictures and videos that I take of our life throughout my days since I'm kind of a documentationaholic...).

My little family is on an adventure.  We sold our home last January and headed out to the farm where I grew up.  We hope to remain debt free as we build our new home and slowly start raising/growing as much of our own food as we can.  So far we have a vegetable garden, two beehives and we hope to get laying hens very soon!  We are on a quest to make life as intentional and as simple as possible so that we can truly enjoy it.

This blog has evolved over the past {almost} two years.  Along with a highlight reel of our day to day life, I share sewing/crafting projects, favorite recipes, tips and tricks that make my life more simple, farm life updates, early childhood discipline tips/activities, keeping life positive and pretty much anything else that might be on my mind. Come and follow along as I continue to find my way through motherhood!  I hope you can find some sense of community here.

If you need a little help diving in to this little blog of mine, head on over to my "popular posts" page. Thank you so much for reading!



  1. Hi Sarah, I have been reading your blog and viewing your Youtube channel for over a year. I find your posts refreshing and insightful. Have a great summer!

  2. I too love your videos and blog. I mostly watch your videos and have just starting reading your blog. As an aspiring teacher myself, I find your perspective on life to be really balanced and refreshing!

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