Friday, April 7, 2017

Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice

Things have been pretty quiet over here at Life With the Ladniers...  I have taken a hiatus from blogging but things are a changing and it is time to fire it back up again!

That's right!!  We are having a baby GIRL in August and we could not be happier!

Let me back up a little bit...  A week before Christmas, we took a family trip to Florida.

 While we were there I slowly put together some very familiar feelings (pregnancy symptoms) and I don't know how to describe it but my womb just felt... full. I just knew.  One day we stopped by a grocery store before heading to the beach for the day.  I only went in for one item and that item happened to share an isle with pregnancy tests.  Before I knew what I was doing I had one in my hand.  We had a beautiful day at the beach and when we got back to our resort, the boys had fallen asleep.  I told David to stay in the car with the boys while I carried all of the stuff in.  During one of my trips I took one of the pregnancy tests and... it was POSITIVE!!  OMG.  I had never seen a test be SO positive SO fast.  HOW LONG HAD I BEEN PREGNANT?!?  This baby was a complete and utter surprise for us.   It took us a little time to wrap our heads around it all but now we are only filled with joy and excitement.

The boys helped us make it Facebook official with this sweet photo.

The boys' pregnancies were practically the same including a random craving for olives (I did have a food aversion to leafy greens with Ayden that thankfully did not repeat with Logan).  This time, while I'd still call it "easy" compared to what I hear many women experience, I definitely experienced more symptoms.  We both had a feeling it *might* be a girl but the odds were not in our favor given the facts that a) we had two boys already which increased the odds of having another, and that b) Ladnier men produce SOOO MANY boys!  We left her ultrasound on cloud 9 and our family already feels complete... Like we were missing this little girl all along and did not fully realize it.

The boys are super excited to be having a little sister.

 I'm not sure that Logan fully realizes what is ahead but from the moment we told him there was a baby in my belly, he was been saying it was a sister.  Ayden also has talked about wanting a little sister long before we even got pregnant with this little girl.  He would say he was going to have a sister and her name would be Molly, just like the little sister in Toy Story. They were not quite as surprised as we were to hear that she is a girl because they were sure it was already. 

There is so much to update on so I'm going to end this post for now but be on the lookout because you'll be having many more glimpses into life with the Ladniers (at least through Baby Girl's first year)!  It feels good to be back!