Tuesday, October 27, 2015

We're Still Here!!

I really do want to get on a weekly posting schedule!  I got behind and then kept putting it off because it became too much to update on. So, I'll just leave the gap and pick up here. 

The boys are keeping us on our toes as always!

Logan loves noses. 

Ayden befriended a skeleton. 

We take him everywhere...

The boys got passports. 

We are going somewhere very exciting very soon. 

The house got painted and my jacuzzi tub is installed!  

We're waiting on the electric to be switched from the temporary pole to the house itself and then we will have this exciting feature called HOT water! ;) Then I may sneak over to soak in the jets after the boys are in bed even before we move in...

Next up will be tile, stair railing, getting some temporary kitchen storage/counter pieces from IKEA, temporary floor treatment (we will eventually get hard wood but for fast move in readiness we plan to paint the subfloor), outlets/switches/cover plates, faucets, light fixtures, etc. We are in a roll and things are happening really fast now!!!

As always, things are crazy and exciting and wonderful and stressful at times. I am going to try really hard to be back next week but just in case I don't, be sure to follow me on Instagram because I post any significant happenings there, and almost in real time!  Until next time!



  1. Loved hearing from you! Those boys are getting so big. I love that he packs a skeleton everywhere, too cute! That tub looks amazing, lucky girl :)

  2. Love the update! I can relate about the blog. I have fallen so behind on my blog that I have a really hard time staying motivated to update it.

  3. Can"t wait until you post again more frequently......just love the activities you do with the boys......

  4. Hi Sarah! I love your organizational videos and just tried to view/show them and they are gone... :( Will you be putting them back up??