Friday, September 4, 2015

Car Clutter

This is how I managed to get myself ready this morning...

I stared our KonMari book purge yesterday. 

Cut down our library by more than half.
The box and bin on the left are out of here!
Now I just need to put the keepers back on the shelves and donate the rest. 

The boys played outside while I cleaned out and vacuumed my car. 

We are borrowing a tricycle from his cousins.
The belt and parent handle allow him to ride just like his big bro.

My car makes me look like a hoarder most of the time. This is all of the stuff I pulled out today:

I really don't like how things pile up and am MUCH happier when my car is clean. 


My problem is that everyday we take books and essentials for whatever we have planned for the day into the car but never bring them out again. Each time we arrive home there is some sort of crisis or urgent need to tend to and since I don't take care of the stuff from the car right away, things accumulate rather quickly. In an effort to help myself out, I have put my largest reusable tote bag next to my diaper bag by the door and it will be what I use to take things to and from the car each day. I would really love to not have a messy car. Driving it today felt WONDERFUL! 

We ended up running a few errands. 

Cutest. Puppy. Ever.

Logan was trying to scale the wall so he could get in with the birds.


When we got home the boys took simultaneous naps. Logan fell asleep on the way home so he stared his nap in his car seat. He woke up at one point and was upset to be all strapped in. I finally got him back to sleep but he woke up every time I tried to slip away. That is not normally like him so I figured he needed me and just joined him for the rest of his nap. Only 10 days left in his current leap...

After dinner, David played with the boys while I did the dishes and then he headed over to the build site. We have family coming in who will be seeing all of their hard work for the first time so he and his dad spent the evening cleaning up the inside and weeding the outside. I am excited to see it too!

While they were doing that, my niece came over for a play date. 

My sister's baby is due in a few weeks so she and her hubby had a date night. Ayden LOVED having her here!  We may try and make it a monthly thing.

Tomorrow is going to be CRAZY with double header birthday parties and dinner with the family that is coming into town. Wish me luck that I can get Mr. Ayden a nap somewhere in there so that he can be his charming self well into the evening. 


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  1. Do you really believe in that leap stuff? I find it quite superstitious. I just dont care for it.

  2. It is based on scientifically studied and documented cognitive development that every typical child goes through. It details the skills that are being learned at each leap. You can easily observe the newly developed skills that are listed and also notice a distinct behavior change at the beginning and end of each phase. How exactly is something so well defined and observable superstitious?

  3. I love your blog, Sarah. You seem to live such a sweet life. :)

  4. I too hate car clutter! With kids it seems inevitable. It does help to unload each day, but even though I do make a point of it, I tell you the clutter still makes its way in! Good luck with your news strategy!