Monday, September 7, 2015

Rainbow Fish

We finished our second Kiwi Crate project today!

Fish Lantern!

It was the last for this month and we are so looking forward to the next one!  Something we really like so far about this company is that they make every part of the packaging into an activity of some sort. Even though we have completed each activity, we still have the packaging activity to do as well as a little educational magazine that came in it. The one package will easily give David and Ayden a structured activity to do together every weekend of each month. We are loving it so far and highly recommend it. 

We also got to visit our friends and hold their sweet new baby girl!

She was SO tiny and so precious!! We ended the evening with dinner and Logan's 12 month owl photo shoot. 

I am getting them all printed tomorrow for his birthday party on Saturday, so I took them a few days early. Tonight I have a date with my planner because I have a lot to squeeze in this week!


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