Friday, September 20, 2013

Horse Country

As if our boy didn't love horses enough, we took him to a horse jumping competition tonight. 

He was mesmerized!

(Ayden's first selfie)

It was some amazing stuff to see up close. All this time in horse country and we had only really seen the racing side of things. This was a fun new side of the horse industry to experience. Our favorite part was how each horse has their own jumping style. Some stretched their legs out, others curled them under, others had a little kick at the top. There was one that moved with so much ease that it was almost silent and another that was powerful and snorted, huffed and puffed the whole way through.

We left straight from the competition to head to Nashville to meet the newest little lady in our lives.  We can't wait to meet her in the morning and to visit with our friends!!


Flashback!  Here's what we were up to one year ago today: "Fall Fashion"

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