Friday, September 13, 2013

Friday Link Ups and Epic Melt Downs

Happy Friday!  We had a great day today.  We discovered the most ornate caterpillar I have ever seen, had lunch with our favorite Daddy, took a nap together, cleaned up the house and played while we streamed soothing music on Pandora.  We even made some chocolate chip cookies! Ayden had a couple of pretty epic meltdowns when I took my keys from him in the car so I could drive.  He likes to carry them to the car and I let him hold them while I buckle him in. Other than those moments, which were overcome quickly enough, we had an amazing Friday!  TGIF!!

White-marked tossuck moth caterpillar
(Googled it, haha)

David and I share articles back and forth through email all week, Facebook friends share great articles that get me thinking and Pinterest is full of some great resources, articles and inspiring quotes. I thought it might be nice every now and then, when we have a week with lots of amazing articles and such being thrown around and discussed, to share them with you!  That way you can have some good stuff to read while you relax over the weekend! Be sure to come back and comment if anything strikes a chord within you. I love discussion!

Owner's Manual Of A Child (doesn't every parent need one of these?)  Though I'm not sure any of us ever really "own" our kids...  If anything, they kind of own us, haha!  This article just helped David and I take a step back so we could assess Ayden's environment and our own interactions with him to make sure they are where we want them to be.  Even if you don't agree with it all, anything that can remind you to do that once and a while is a good thing.

An article from the same website above about being "America's worst mom" and just how much freedom our children deserve in a time where most parent's live in so much fear that we have a hard time even letting our children out of our sights.

10 Tips For A Mindful Home that seem like common sense but I seem to have a natural inclination to work against them daily.  I plan to print these and display them because I whole heartedly want to follow them everyday.

This article sets the record straight about how New Mama's Get Nothing Done (though I feel like it kind of applies to mama's with busy toddlers too!).

And just for a good laugh, 31 Yahoo! Questions that will make you give up on people...

Any articles that you can share??  Leave links in the comments below.  David and I love reading things that get our gears going!

I'd love your feedback!  Do you like this kind of post?  Should I make it a weekly thing or just something I do every now and then? 


Flashback!  Here's what we were up to one year ago today: "Putt-Puttin' Along"

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  1. We have gobs of those caterpillars in central Florida and hate them. We call them stinging caterpillars and try to stay away from them. I've never heard their formal name.