Saturday, September 7, 2013

The Big Top

David got free circus tickets from work so we spent our morning under the big top!

It was a great show!  Of course, Ayden loved all of the animals. I think the horses, motorcycles and martial artist were David's favorite and I liked the animals and acrobats. Ayden ended up falling asleep around 11:30, right after the big cats and woke up during intermission. We wondered why nothing was really phasing him. Turns out, he just needed a cat nap because when he woke up he was very excited about it all. I suppose it was a very stimulating environment and he must have needed to have his own intermission to process it all!

After the circus we went to the farmers market, home for a bit, then we met our friends at a park for some frisbee golf 

followed by treat night PIZZA!  

It was a great Saturday!  I love that David's employer is so great about treating employees and their families to such fun outings. We get to get out, be social and have fun without having to budget or save for it. Definitely a perk of the job!

What is your favorite circus act?


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  1. I love animal acts the best. Also, my little one always falls asleep when she is over stimulated. Yes, it is definately a way for them to process everything, and i think all babies sleep when over stimulated by anything including just being around lots of people. Ayden is soo adorable. I love your paleo recipes by the way.

  2. Circuses are so inhumane to animals. Especially ringling they have been charged with animal cruelty. Please boycott the circus!

    I love your blog because we share similar perspectives, except this one. I would never take my child to a place that hurts and abuses animals.

    1. So true about circuses. In general, I don't think people realize how much the animals suffer and how cruelly they are treated otherwise I know most people wouldn't attend.