Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Toddler Tuesday: Fall Sensory Tub

I love sensory tubs!  At school, they were a life saver when it came to calming my most energetic students. I have written about the benefits of sensory play so I won't go into detail again. All I will say is that if you think they are too messy or too much work, just give it a try and you'll never go back.

Once you lay down and practice the ground rule of materials needing to stay inside the tub, it is only enjoyment from there on. Ayden has played with sand, beans, rice and now birdseed!  To really enforce that important ground rule, I would just take it away any time he poured any of the material out.  After a couple of times, he stopped. Simple as that.  

For this sensory tub, I just added some Fall themed items and set him free. 

I also provided a basket for sifting:

An ice cube tray for sorting/one-to-one correspondence/counting/etc:

As well as a size match game mat (made by tracing the pumpkin cookie cutters onto orange construction paper with a Sharpie):

You can also add scoops, shovels, cups, spoons, etc.

Other than the feel of the seeds slipping through his fingers, Ayden's favorite parts of this activity were the spider on the game mat because he thought it looked like this guy:

And the footballs because he has been watching some football every now and then with David this season and he absolutely loves it!

When he was done playing in the tub he gathered them up,

Took off running and started his own game of football!

And that is how we spent our evening. David joined us after he finished mowing the lawn, complete with hikes, tackles and lots of giggling. 

How did you spend your evening?  


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  1. I love this sensory bin! My son also loves football. They're such boys. Haha. We spent our evening at the park, the. At home doing a letter art project. Such fun!

  2. I really need to dive in and do these - what size tub do you have? And how much bird seed/rice/beans does it take? Thanks :)

  3. We love Sensory Tubs around here too! I actually made up some Red Water Beads last night for Axle. I think he's going to love playing with them today!