Sunday, September 8, 2013

Toddler Talk 2

Happy Grandparent's Day!  Here is what Ayden gave his grandparent's this year:

Since the last Toddler Talk post that I did things have come a long way. First, Ayden's language seemed to regress after a month or two at my parents' house. He was still very vocal but the few intelligible words he had were replaced by some crazy gibberish. I wasn't too worried because he'd still say all of his words on command, he just wasn't saying them spontaneously as often. Just to make sure, I mentioned it to his pediatrician at his 15 month appointment and he said that a move can do that and not to worry. The 18 month mark on the dot was like a switch flipped and ever since he has been a talking machine. He now has more words than I could even try to keep track of, is starting to have 2 word phrases and is getting new words everyday. Some new words and phrases that I can recall from this past week or two have been bowl, again, "I want," "want see," horse, open, eat, Ayden, cat, dog, dinosaur (shre-shore). There are more but like I said, it is so hard to keep track.

We are beginning to have little conversations with him and it is so fun!  When we ask him a question he will say, "Ummm, ummm, ummm" while he decides on his answer and when he's looking for something he says, "Noooo, nooo, nooo" as he looks until he finds it. His Mmm-hmmm's for yes have more variety in their tone. He'll emphasize it like "Mm-HMM" if he is excited about something. He has stopped saying things twice, like how he used to say ball-ball and shoe-shoe, and I actually miss that very much. He is also finally saying actual animal names instead of just using their sounds to identify them. 

The last big development that I'd like to document is his pointing game. He'll sit and point out objects on a page in a book, on a table, names of people in a picture or room and have us tell him the name of it over and over again. You can see the wheels turning in those moments like he is tucking the information away for future processing and use. It has really been fun to witness his language development unfold. As much as I love his toddler jabber and will miss it, I know the more he can express for communication, the less frustration he will have to endure during this phase in his life.

His wheels are always turning!
They say that children spend their first year learning to walk and their second learning to talk and it seems to be holding true for our little one. Everyday is a new adventure, that's for sure!


~Flashback!  Here's what we were up to one year ago today: "Well Hello!"
(It was so fun to go back and read this post.  This time last year he was waving hi for the first time and now I've written a post about him having basic conversations with us.  So much changes in a year!)

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