Saturday, September 8, 2012

Well Hello!

We made it to Myrtle Beach! The second half of our trip was okay... We tried to time it for Ayden's morning nap and hoped the car would help him sleep but he woke up and started babbling after about 30 minutes.

While it lasted...
  He was content for another 30 minutes or so but then he was over it. We stopped for lunch and to give him (and us) some time to move around and then had another two and a half hours to go.

He's got the squat balance down :)
Our Little Family
 He slept again somewhere in the middle of that and then cried and fussed for the last 20-30 minutes. I played games with him, sang to him, even clipped his toe nails and finally got to a point where I felt I had exhausted my bag of tricks.

By the time we finally got here it was raining which was a bummer

He "helped" David hold this umbrella all the way across the parking lot.
  but then we found out that they had recently renovated the rooms!

Washer/Dryer for cloth diaper laundry!

We got all settled in, made chicken fajitas for dinner and spent some quality time playing and hanging out together while listening to the University of Kentucky football game (well, David listened anyway).

In other news, Ayden started waving tonight! He's been *kind of* waving for several days now but tonight he actually did it on cue and it was adorable! I was holding him when I pointed our reflection out in a full length mirror in our room and said, "Look at those nice people! Say hi." and waved and he stuck his little arm out and opened and closed his little fingers a few times. So sweet! He loves clapping so much I thought he'd clap before he waved but wave first he did.

Now we have Ayden all tucked in and we are going to enjoy the first night of our vacation. The Internet is SUPER slow at our resort so I'll be publishing a post a day but the pictures will get added whenever we find a good wifi spot.  Gotta roll with the punches! :)


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  1. I love Myrtle Beach! We go to Surfside (which is ride near there) every year. It has been my husband's family tradition for the past 30 years. Have fun!