Friday, September 21, 2012

8 Months Old!!

8 Months Old!
7 months, 6 months, 5 months, 4 months, 3 months, 2 months, 1 month
We are just so proud of our little guy! As usual, we look to a milestone list just as a guideline and he is not only doing everything on the 8 month list:

But he's also doing almost everything on the 9 month list:

(not sure if he understands 30 words and loves peek-a-boo but doesn't play it himself)
And even some from the 10 month list:

Physical: he does everything, intellectual: he does the first two, social: does 1 and 3 (only he waves hello)
Standing, standing, standing.  He's one focused little boy!
He may be small for his age but he's not letting that slow him down! Of course we are proud of Ayden's accomplishments and want him to grow and develop but it is a little bitter sweet that he is growing up so fast. I love having a baby and everyday that passes, he gets closer to being a little boy. I try to remind myself that there's no stopping him so dwelling on something so out of my control will only cause unnecessary anxiety but I just can't help it sometimes. Isn't there some way to slow it down a little??

So big already!
Ayden had his first tailgating experience tonight and it was fun! He had another 3 nap kind of day (growth spurt?) and his third nap needed to happen during our car ride. When he finally gave in he got to sleep for about 10 minutes and then we arrived at our destination. Of course he woke up but luckily he perked up for a bit. It was long enough to smile at a few people, be held by his birthday buddy and make a new friend. When he'd had enough socializing and started getting fussy, into the Ergo he went. He did not give in easily but once he finally did he was out!

A new friend!
We finally made it into the game just as they were introducing the homecoming candidates at half time. It was so weird, 10 years later, looking at the student section of the bleachers and of the "kids" on the field. Are we really this old? Day to day, David and I still feel like kids and the fact that we are parents still surprises us sometimes. Only when we are around young folk are we reminded of our age (I'm 28 and David is 30).

It was great to see the people who came, though it was only a handful since the actual reunion isn't until tomorrow night. I do have to say, though, that Facebook has taken all of the thrill and surprise out of the whole 10 year reunion thing. I wasn't surprised by how anyone looked or what they were up to or to whom they were married because all of that shows up in my newsfeed daily. It was still nice to see and talk to everyone in person, and without Facebook, I wouldn't have known about any of the arrangements at all; but at the same time, I think some level of surprise would be fun.

I put the hood up on the Ergo and Ayden ended up sleeping for almost 2 hours but the game got too exciting. He woke up during an exciting touchdown, ate and then watched the game with his daddy while I chatted with old friends.

Sleeping away his first football game!
It was a great night and we are excited for our first official date night tomorrow night! Ayden has been going to bed at around 8 these days and we'll have to leave around 7:30 so I'm not really sure what bedtime will look like. I'm guessing my mom will have to put him to sleep since I'll be all dolled up. We chose her to watch him for this occasion because she has put him to sleep more than anyone besides myself or David while she watches him at the dance studio when I teach. I have a feeling it will be okay, but part of me is still wondering how it will go. Will he be okay when he wakes up and someone else comes to put him back to sleep? What I do know is that it will only be a few hours and no matter how it goes, anyone can make it through a few hours. Who knows, maybe she'll get him down and he'll sleep the whole time...

We didn't hear a peep out of Ayden the whole way home from the game. He fell asleep before we were even out of the parking lot, barely woke up when I changed his diaper and now he's snuggled up next to me, fast asleep for the night, both of my boys are actually, and I am so ready to join them!

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