Wednesday, March 21, 2012

2 Months Old

Ayden of the Month: 2 Months Old!
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I have a Baby Milestone app that I use to keep us on track.  Here is the summary for what can generally be expected of a 2 month old baby:

Obviously all babies develop at their own rates so it is important to remember that milestone lists are just guidelines and it's okay if your baby isn't meeting some of them right "on time."  So far Ayden is doing pretty much everything on this list.  The only thing he's not doing quite yet is attempting to roll over.  He's rolled to his side a few times on accident but it's not something he's practicing with purpose.  Something else to note is that he's cried real tears since he was in the hospital.  I was suprised when I saw them but didn't think too much of it.  I didn't realize that it wasn't supposed to happen until the 2nd month...  Just goes to show that all babies are different. 

David and I plan to do all of Ayden's photo shoots ourselves.  We did his newborn shoot and though it turned out nice, it was a challenge to be the photographers, parents and subjects all at the same time.  We also were keeping the room super warm so Ayden would stay sleepy and comfortable so we were hot, and a little grumpy...  It made for an interesting shoot, that's for sure!  I am taking monthly shots like the one above just for reference but we will do official photo shoots for his 3rd, 6th, 9th and 12th months and then every year after that.  After taking his monthly shots today I realized that we should actually be able to enjoy his 3 month shoot.  He's so happy and photogenic these days.

I can't believe that we were going through our labor, birth and first night as parents just 2 months ago.  It seems so long ago yet has gone by so fast all at the same time.  CRAZY!

The best advice we were given while we were pregnant was to try not to always look forward to what milestone he will meet next but to enjoy what he is doing in the moment.  I cherish every moment that I have with Ayden every day and though I am challenging him and working with him on acquiring certian skills, I am also enjoying just sitting back and watching it happen.  We are just so proud of our big 2 month old! :)


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  1. He has changed so much! What a cutie. That really is good advice. I always remind myself not to get anxious about making it to the next thing, but rather to just savor the stage we're in (even while working with my son to get him to the next milestone).