Sunday, March 4, 2012

A Hairy Situation

Morning Smiles!

We gave our Seven pocket sling a try today. It was a little awkward getting him in because Ayden didn't want to bend at the waist for me at first but once in he, of course, fell asleep.

Our baby LOVES to be worn. So sweet <3. This option is nice because it's quick, easy, and compact. It'll be perfect to keep in the diaper bag for unplanned baby wearing opportunities. We tried it during his first week home and he screamed bloody murder so I'm glad he's come around!

 I've noticed over the past couple of days that Ayden and I are both shedding our hair... I had heard about postpartum hair loss. I was hoping that since I never got those thick, luxurious locks that everyone talks about during pregnancy, that I might skip over the hair loss part too. Guess I'm not so lucky. I get what seems like handfuls out in the shower and I've been finding my hairs all over the house and Ayden. I already have fine hair that's on the thin side so I hope it's not too bad while I wait for it to grow back. Oh well, it is what it is I suppose.

 As for Ayden's hair loss, I thought it looked like his bed had lint on it but upon closer inspection I realized his sweet downy hair has started to fall out too. I, again, knew this was a possibility but was hoping he might keep it (not that he even has too much to begin with). I was bald(ish) until I was around 2 or so and I fear my son will probably follow suit. When I was little, girls didn't wear all of the cute headbands and oversized bows that they wear these days. At least Ayden's a boy and we won't have to face those awkward moments when strangers stop to admire your "son" who is actually your daughter...

Bald baby Sarah

 This past week I've also noticed that I've been able to differentiate Ayden's cries. The one that I know the best is his sleepy cry. It's kind of a half hearted and whine that's not constant. I like knowing what it means because when I hear it I don't go running to scoop him up and cuddle him like I've been doing every time he so much as whimpers for the past 6 weeks. I just stay close by but leave him alone and he ends up falling asleep on his own (usually to wake up only 5 minutes later. Baby steps!). His dirty diaper cry is also a half hearted whiny cry but it's a little more persistent and his hungry cry is the cry we've been hearing all along. Let's not even discuss his gassy cry... So nice to have some sort of line of communication with him!!

Today was grocery day and I actually remembered to film a grocery haul! I'll also put together a "What's For Dinner" montage for our meals and will post them later this week.
In the Ergo at Whole Foods :)

In other news, Ayden had his first bottle of breast milk this evening.  We don't want to start giving them regularly but we do want him to be able to take one for when we want to go on dates.  I'm also in a wedding in October and want him to be able to be fed i case I can't get to him often enough.  He took it like a champ without a single issue.  Pretty awesome.

Daddy bonding time

I hope everyone has a great week!!!  Mine will be awesome because I'll be hanging with this guy!



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