Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Jam Packed

Holy moly I forgot to discuss something miraculous in last night's post... Ayden slept in 4 hour increments on Monday night.  It was glorious!!  Last night his first sleep session was 4 hours then the rest were only 2 but getting four hours consecutively makes a world of difference! Here's hoping he makes it a habit. :)

Today's dose of morning smiles!

We didn't even leave the house today yet managed to make it a very busy day! 

We tried out more big boy cloth diapers:
Bum Genius 4.0s.  I think he liked them. :)

We played:

He's become very interested in his high contrast mobile all of the sudden.
Ayden took a nap in his crib for the first time (by accident...):

He got a little fussy while I was getting ready and could tell that he was fighting sleep pretty hard so I picked him up and cuddled him for a bit then decided to give my Moby D a try for the first time.  I laid him in his crib to look at his mobile again while I put the wrap on and when I went to get him, he was asleep!  I just sat there watching him for a bit because it was so cute (and of course snapped this picture to send to David).  As usual, he kept startling himself awake, then would fall back to sleep so I decided to give the sleep sack a try again:

I also removed a couple of toys.  Our crib is currently set up for play rather than sleep so I guess we have to make a few changes since he's deemed it nap worthy.  I kept the video monitor very close to make sure he was okay in there.  He slept for almost an hour! 

While he slept, I did some diaper laundry:

I do the diaper laundry every other day and today was diaper day.  Since it was so beautiful outside, I decided to sun the diapers for the first time.  The pre-folds had gotten pretty stained over the past 6 weeks.  It was amazing how quickly the sun bleached them.  They look as good as new!

Ayden woke up in a great mood...

But was still a little sleepy so we finally got to try out the Moby D:

I had purchased the Moby D wrap at a consignment event early in my pregnancy.  I'm not really sure why I hadn't used it yet but Ayden had a bit of projectile spit up on the black Moby last night.  Needless to say, it was in the laundry so I pulled out the back up.  The verdict: I loved it!  The Moby D has a panel of woven fabric in the front.  Since woven fabric doesn't stretch, Ayden stayed in position better and I felt like it gave a little more support.  It is not as easy to nurse in and is shorter so it ties on the side but other than those two things, I like it just as much as the regular Moby. Plus I think the woven fabric looks pretty cool.

While Ayden napped some more in the Moby D, I prepped for dinner.

Cilantro Turkey Burgers and Sweet Potato Steak Fries

We had our last home birth midwife appointment this evening and also knew we wanted to do our workout.  Cramming both of those things as well as dinner into our evening seemed a little daunting so I did all the prep work ahead of time to save the time later. 

A friend of mine came over with her little 18 month old son and we went for a walk and talked.  It was nice to have some social time!

We had our midwife appointment at 5:30:

9lbs 8oz!!!  Growing like CRAZY!
Then we did the shoulders and arms workout from P90X (Ayden SLEPT through most of it in his bouncy seat!!), then we had dinner and went to bed.

Whew!  A jam packed, yet wonderful day :).  How was your day?!?


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