Saturday, March 24, 2012

Playing Games

We tried tummy time on the Boppy today.  

Someone thought it was very comfy...
(don't worry, his nose was clear of any obstructions and I never left his side...)

Ayden seems to like tummy time a little too much.  He snuggles in and just lays there making adorable sounds while he licks and sucks on whatever blanket or burp cloth might be under him.  Luckily he's doing a pretty good job holding his head up or I'd be a little worried!  

Since he seemed so comfy on his belly I decided to let him nap that way when I moved him to his crib.

Again, his nose was free from any obstructions and he was VERY well supervised.
He slept for TWO AND A HALF hours!!!!  So much for setting my watch to his 40 minute morning nap...  Obviously it wouldn't be realistic for me to let him nap this way every morning since during the week I take a shower/get ready during his morning nap and wouldn't be able to keep a good eye on him.  Since it is the weekend, I just hung out in his room and put away his laundry and packed up the newborn clothes that he's outgrown.  If I did leave the room I took the video monitor and watched it like a hawk.  We are definitely a "back to sleep" family but I had always heard that babies tend to sleep better on their stomachs and that is definitely true for our baby! Though I will NEVER be too relaxed about his life and will always be cautious about the dangers of suffocation, I do think that if the proper precautions are taken (making sure they are on a firm surface without bulky blankets, etc. around), babies can probably sleep on their tummies pretty safely.  But just because I feel that way, definitely doesn't mean we're going to start doing it regularly.

The only problem that I have found so far with our EASY cycles (that's the Baby Whisperer acronym for eat, activity, sleep, you), is finding the right time for tummy time.  If I lay him down right after he eats, when he's at his most alert and happiest, he's spitting up all over himself and everything.  If I wait for the spit up time to pass, he is a little more sleepy and serious and doesn't get a good workout in.  The little nap above was from our first tummy time of the day so for the rest of the day's tummy times I just gathered a pile of burp cloths and put him down about 15-20 minutes after each feeding.  There was definitely a lot of spit up but at least his little neck muscles got some sort of exercise!

David had some music related business to tend to today so my little love and I were on our own.  In honor of the musical fun David was getting into, I dressed Ayden in one of his guitar outfits.  

So cute!

We had so much fun together today!  I've really seen a positive shift in Ayden's demenor since we've settled into the EASY routine.  He is so happy, alert, and these days even playful, during his awake times.  Here's one of the new games that we play:

We really love how social he is becoming.  :)

We definitely missed David's company all day.  We usually spend Saturdays doing household projects or running errands together which makes for some quality family hang out time.  We were so glad to see him when he got home.  We ended the night grilling out some delicious shrimp and veggies and watching the beautiful sunset:

Ayden even gave David a few little giggles which have quickly become our most favorite sound in the world!  

All and all it was a great day!



  1. I let Mimi nap on her belly in her first few months, and she slept AMAZING. We still did back to sleep at night.

  2. He is just the cutest! <3