Saturday, March 31, 2012

Final Four, Baby!!!

Today got off to a rough start... We have trouble keeping Ayden on consistent EASY cycles during the weekends because they are always so jam packed. This makes for a fussy and unpredictable baby.

During the week it's easy because it's my job and it's easy for me to schedule my day around him. The weekends are a different story... David has plans, I have plans, our families have plans, etc. so it's just doesn't seem feasible for us to work around his 3 hour cycles. We always said that we'd work hard to have our baby conform to our life but it has definitely been more challenging than we thought.

As David and I were discussing this I mentioned that he is an equal part of our family now so that means he deserves, not more, but equal influence in how we plan our days. We are all miserable when he has fussy days; so I think it would be worth our while to sit down and map out the things we want to accomplish the next day and see how we can mesh it all together to keep Ayden at least somewhat happy while we conquer all of our to do's.

We also need to remember that he's still sooo young and that the needy infant stage is just a small amount of time in the grand scheme of things...

With all that said, Ayden's sleep/awake times have been switched all day because he missed his morning nap due to our car ride to take care of my family's pets (they are on vacation) and to visit David's parents. Poor guy just doesn't sleep deeply in the car. He'd fuss, fall asleep, wake up whenever we'd stop, rinse and repeat. By the time we got to the grandparent's house he was so distraught that he nursed to sleep (both out of comfort and hunger) and we've been off for the rest of the day.

We went for a bike ride while he slept. He woke when we got back so we all laid down in David's old room and he nursed back to sleep (yet again). We all slept there like 2 big spoons and one little for about an hour which felt amazing!

We ended the evening by cheering on our CATS in the Final Four game tonight!

We won!!
Our good friends came over to watch the game then have a back yard bon fire and campout (we bought new camping gear and are practicing camping with a baby)! Should be interesting and fun...

Ready to camp!!
(Don't mind the flash induced demon eyes...)


  1. How do you ride your bike with a baby? Do you have a trailer? If so, I would love to see how you do it!

    1. Oh we didn't. He stayed with his grandma. We do plan to get a bike trailer soon, though!

  2. What a great way to practice camping! Love it! :)

  3. I often skip out on things that conflict with baby's schedule. It doesn't feel good to reject an invite, but it would be worse to be there with a cranky baby. Not fair to anyone.