Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A Day of Firsts

Happy first day of Spring, everyone!!!

Out enjoying the weather!
Holy Cow!!
And how did our sweet son celebrate his first first day of Spring??

He laughed!! Be still my heart. I know I'm biased but it was the cutest laugh ever. It could totally be used as a sound effect it was so cute... I have watched that video over and over again. I'm so in love with that sound and can't wait to hear it again :).

Another first that's worth celebrating is that Ayden slept "through the night" last night!! I put it in quotes because by definition 5 hours is considered through the night. I think 8 or 9 is really through the night but who's counting? I had written my blog early and was ready for bed when he was but couldn't fall asleep. Figures...It makes me sad to think that I could have had 5 hours of un-interrupted sleep and didn't. Oh well, hopefully he'll do it again tonight my exhaustion will help me sleep the whole time. I'm just so pleased with Ayden's progress in the sleep department.  It's still a little inconsistent but on average he's napping more soundly, even falling asleep on his own at times and is beginning to sleep longer stretches at night.  Having a child who is a good sleeper is important to me because I think good sleep is vital for the health of everyone in the house; so I'm glad he seems to be headed in that direction already.  His daddy and I sure like our sleep so I suppose it's no surprise! :)

When David got home tonight, we strapped Ayden into the jogging stroller and went for a light jog.  It was nice to get my heart rate slightly elevated and keep it there for a while.  It always feels so good when it finally comes back down when I'm done.  We also grilled out for dinner.  What is it about grilling out that makes Spring and Summer that much more fun?

What's your favorite meal off the grill??



  1. I love my jog stroller, and my kid does too, BONUS lol. So happy things are awesome for you and family!

  2. Congrats on your first night of STTN! My son is a great sleeper, and you're right, it makes for a happy household!