Saturday, March 10, 2012

7 Weeks

We've been parents to this little guy for 7 weeks now:

For the first 3 days, we were in a state of euphoria.  Falling head over heels in love and realizing that one of our biggest dreams had come true.  Absolutely amazing!

Around the 1 week mark, reality really hit us.  Though we were still over the moon to finally be parents, we were more exhausted than we had ever been and we went through a bit of a mourning period for our old lives.

Around the 2 week mark, Ayden got attacked by the green poop monster and became very fussy.  We were exhausted and overwhelmed.  We supported and encouraged each other, held him while he cried and even cried with him a time or two.  Those next couple of weeks were pretty tough but were the first of many times that we'd rally together as a family to overcome obstacles.

Around the 4 week mark, he started to smile and our hearts melted that much more.  By far our favorite milestone!  As his smiles started growing, his fussiness faded and he came to life.  We started getting to know our little man.  

Now here we are.  We've been parents for 7 weeks and we have no idea what we ever did without him.  

It's already been quite the journey and it's really only just begun. We love him so, so much and each other that much more.


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