Monday, March 26, 2012


Hey, hey, hey!
I decided to try to rock my hair in it's natural state this morning:

Don't mind the kiss face... I sent this picture to David to get his honest opinion of how it looked and knew a kiss would make him smile.  He's always been really great about being honest with me which definitely makes it mean more when he says something looks good.  He approved of the 'do today.  I used to wear my hair wavy all the time in high school and early college.  Then I purchased and fell in love with my Chi straightening iron and my poor waves went by the wayside.  Now when I wear it wavy I feel like it's frizzy and hate the way it feels on my neck.  

Spring and Summer always give me a renewed energy and with that comes the desire to set some goals and make some changes. Here are my new warm weather goals so far:
  1. Research some new hair products to help me rock my hair with confidence while wearing it au natural.  Not only will wearing it wavy more often save me time but it will be much healthier for it too. 
  2. Move exercise to the top of the priority list.  I've been working out here and there since about 5 weeks postpartum but now I'm ready to kick it up a notch.  I'm still being realistic, though.  With a 2 month old that can still be unpredictable at times and my new side kick, exhaustion, there's no way I can commit to daily exercise (beyond taking the dog for his morning walk) at this point in the game.  That being said, my goal is to exercise rigorously at least three times a week.  
  3. Find a way to get more sleep!! <-- self explanatory...
  4. Get and KEEP the house in order so I can stop wasting my time having to do large cleaning/organizing tasks.  If I could just keep it up I'd have so much more time to do the things I want to do (i.e. monthly video/photo montages of Ayden.)
I think four is good for now ;)...

It's so funny that Ayden seems to change his ways right after I write about him!  During his tummy time today he was repeatedly lifting his head to 45* and holding it there for long periods of time.  As I mentioned in his 2 month post, we haven't been worried because he has been gaining great head control when held upright.  He just hadn't been doing it when he was "supposed to."  Now that he is, we won't have any extra explaining to do at his pediatrician appointment that's coming up in a couple of weeks.

Polly (our cat) is overseeing Ayden's efforts.  She approves...

Little Miss was here today and she seems to have naturally fallen back into the routine we had going when I had her while I was pregnant.  She gets here around 9:30 and has a snack first thing.  Usually a banana... then we take Maverick for a walk.  She always falls asleep on the walk, usually before we make it all the way around the block and proceeds to have her morning nap for about 2 hours.  When she wakes up, she's ready for lunch and then we play until her mom comes to get her around 4:30.  Today I got lucky and Ayden was sleepy when we got back from our walk so I got him down for his second nap of the day and since they were both sleeping:

I got to sleep too!  I set the video monitor up on her, snuggled up next to Ayden on our bed and dozed off and on for about 45 minutes.  It was glorious!  I am hoping to make nap time for all a usual occurrence as it really helps me make it through the day with all of my patience and enthusiasm in tact.

Here was Ayden after his third nap of the day, which took place in the Moby:

Take note of the shoe socks! :)
He started to fuss so I took him out and laid him on the pack and play changing table while I took off the Moby and he went back to sleep.  It only lasted a few minutes but it sure was cute!  He was ready to eat and he's not one to sleep long with a hungry tummy!

Today was definitely the best so far with having both little ones.  Little Miss had a small bout of jealousy toward Ayden while I was playing with them both later in the day so I'll be working with her on sharing me.  Hopefully that won't escalate any further...  Other than that it was a fun day and I'm starting to re-adjust to the new demands of caring for an infant and a toddler.  More power to the mama's out there who have children this close in age...  I can't imagine doing it 24/7!

What are your Spring/Summer goals??
Do you have children close in age?  What is the most challenging aspect for you?



  1. My daughter is 20 months now, but when she was little I found sleep to be an important priority for me. So I chose to think that one day she will sleep through, until then I will just adjust my bed time so I would go to bed at nine pm after her last evening feed so that I would have already got 4 in by the time she woke at 1am. That really helped me, because 1am is still early in the night really and to have four by then would mean I would probably end the night with a total of at least seven or eight. And now I don't sit here thinking that I had a few months of missing out on evening time but that I was better rested in the daytime. This may be something you do already I don't know or may not fit your life but I just wanted to share.

    1. Such a great suggestion! I actually think about this every night when he's sleeping so soundly while I'm still awake. I just love having that time with my husband... Such a hard decision but I thin I need to start doing it at least on the nights before Little Miss comes. Thank you so much for the advice!

  2. my son is 19 months, but when he was aydens age i always took a nap when he went down for his long nap. then once he was in bed for the night, my boyfriend and i would clean together to get things done faster and have our couple time. i found napping during his long nap way more resting than going to bed early. maybe thats just me though, but i find if i get too much sleep im just as tired in the morning as i was by getting too little sleep