Sunday, March 18, 2012

Movin' On...

Hello from the jungle!!
We have officially moved out of the realm of being entertained by looking at a window (notice I did not say OUT a window, but AT a window...) and into the realm of enjoying toys and surroundings!

We hadn't had window time in a while because ever since we started our Baby Wise cycles I have been putting Ayden on his play mat for his awake time after our first morning feeding.  I'm not as strict about the cycles or routine on the weekends because we focus more on enjoying each other and whatever shenanigans we happen to be getting into that day.  So this morning I thought Ayden might like some window time while I put away some laundry so I parked him in his usual spot and got to work.  After a minute or two he started whining.  I knew he wasn't hungry or sleepy because he had just eaten and he's pretty good at maintaining the pattern of the cycles on his own now. I decided to pull him over closer to me so I could observe him for a bit and try to interpret what he might have wanted.  As soon as I pulled him over and started talking to him while I worked he smiled and cooed and was as happy as a little clam.  I suppose he has come to find me more interesting than a window.  WIN! :)

Now, Ayden spends his awake time on his play mat practicing his boxing skills and karate chops on his jungle BFF's, hanging in his Rock and Play Sleeper watching/listening to one of us as we get ready, doing tummy time, listening to us read him books (Brown Bear, Brown Bear is his current favorite) and enjoying his bouncy seat while we cook/clean in the kitchen.  

David and I are really enjoying this new development because since Ayden is able to play independently for short periods, it gives us a little more time for each other and ourselves.  We love playing with, teaching and just being with him but we also feel it is important to encourage independent play.  A child that never gets the chance to explore their world on their own will never have the opportunity to become an independent thinker.  

Now I will leave you with a peek of what replaced window time this morning: 

We were all cuddling in bed.  Ayden was propped up on my knees just cooing away.

We just love him so much!


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