Monday, March 5, 2012

Snow Day!

My morning dose of smiles!

We woke up to a winter wonderland this morning!

Maverick was one happy pooch!  Obviously he LOVES the snow and the poor dog hadn't had any worth being excited for yet this winter.  Now that it's March he finally got to have some!

So crazy that schools let out 2 hours early on Friday for tornado weather, then had a snow day today...  That's Kentucky weather for ya!

I summoned the teacher in me and spent most of the day in my pajamas in true snow day fashion.  

I usually clean the house on Fridays to prepare for the weekend so that we can spend all of our time running errands, working on projects, spending family time together, etc. as apposed to worrying about housework.  This past Friday, however, I spent in the next town over for my doctor's appointment and being sheltered from a tornado that never came.  Needless to say, we went into the weekend with a messy house and then just added to it so today was catchup day... I feel like I spent the whole day cleaning the kitchen and feeding Ayden. I had planned to get the house back in tip top shape but the day just got away from me.  I was even being productive the whole time. Crazy how that can happen.  Come 3:30 or so I decided to finally change out of my PJs and venture out to run a couple of errands.  
My little helper
David and I got home around the same time so we decided to do a light workout together.  Now that we're officially 6 weeks postpartum, I have been given the green light to resume all physical activity. I'm excited to get my body toned again! We put Ayden in his bouncy seat in the room with us and chose the chest and back workout from P90X.  We took it easy but it felt good to get my blood pumping and to challenge my muscles again, even if it was just a little.  While we were pregnant we always talked about how it would be important to model a healthy, active lifestyle for Ayden and having him in the room while we work out is one way to accomplish that.  He did great!  We got to do the entire hour long workout.  We would take turns including him by interacting with him between sets, making our movements exaggerated so they'd catch his eye and talking to him about what we were doing.  We can't wait to introduce his door jumper to him!  We think that will be the perfect activity for him while we work out.  We'll all be working out together :).

People say that it takes around 6 weeks to start to fall into a routine when you have a new baby and I think they're right.  We are really finding our groove in our new life as a family of 3 and it feels so good!  What did we ever do without our little man??

What did/do you feel is important to instill in your children?


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  1. Sounds like you're all doing great, Sarah! Nice food for thought at the end there. It's important to make conscious decisions about what we expose our children to and what traits we want to nurture in our children.