Saturday, March 3, 2012

Busy Bees

We had a jam packed day today!

First, David's company reserved a movie theater and invited everyone to bring their families to see The Lorax.  It started at 10am so we got up and at 'em and made it on time!  I put the Moby on before we left and wore Ayden into the theater. 

 The movie was great!  He slept for almost the whole thing.  He woke in the middle for a nursing break and diaper change then went back to sleep for the rest.  

Next on our agenda was my great uncle's 80th surprise birthday party at 1:30.

Some of the fam.
My Moby Wrap was the talk of the party!  I guess baby wearing isn't very common in our town...

After we left the party, we headed out to run some errands.  We stopped by our local cloth diaper store to pick up one of these:
Makes any nursing bra into a nursing tank!
And also to get sized for the Bravado Allure underwire nursing bra.
The website is having a promo running until March 5th for 15% off!  The promo code is Mom237 at I am eager to have a nursing bra option that can give me a little shape.  I know you have to be careful with underwires causing issues with plugged ducts and whatnot but this one apparently doesn't interfere with breast tissue.  I'll also be sure not to wear it if I'm having an overly full/engorged day.

Our  next stop was BuyBuyBaby for a few needed baby items as well as Lowe's for some household stuff.

Ayden was a little rockstar all day!  In a great mood and only cried when he needed something.  He did eventually get really tired of being in his car seat, though, and cried all the way home from our last errand but he stopped as soon as I took him out. We got home around 5:30 or so and I was EXHAUSTED so I did some side lying nursing and got a little bit of rest before heading to our friends' house for a dinner date.  Their sweet dog, Phyn, is always so interested in Ayden who just lays there and lets Phyn sniff to his little hearts content:

No worries, just sniffing.  No kissing :)
Dinner was great (she made us chicken cacciatore over spaghetti squash) and we always have lots of fun and laughs when we hang with them.  Now our busy day is done, we're home and it's off to bed we go!!  Until tomorrow!!


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