Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Workin' It Out!

Elmer Fudd Morning Smile :)
Today was beautiful!!

So crazy that we had so much snow yesterday and then so much warmth and sunshine today. Again, that's Kentucky weather for ya. So glad my immune system is holding up through all these crazy fluctuations in temperature.

I tried something new during Ayden's morning nap today. We want to save full on swaddling for our nighttime routine but he still kind of needs it during the day.  He'll just get to sleep and then all of the sudden all of his limbs will jerk out from his body and wake him up.  I had read somewhere to use a sleep sack but tie up the arms.  It isn't as tight as a swaddle on his body but it does keep his little arms in check.  He fell asleep on his own and slept for 45 minutes.  Not too shabby.  I'll keep trying it for a little while and keep you posted...

We also went to visit Ayden's grandma (David's mom) at work today. She was a proud grandma showing off her adorable grandson. He was super serious and a bit fussy the whole time. Her co-workers kept saying things like, "We're used to seeing him so happy in all of his pictures..."and "Isn't he so serious?" I actually don't think that anyone but David and I have seen his cute little personality and smiles in person... When I first reflected on this thought I was a little bummed, feeling like I needed to defend and or justify his actions. Then I stopped myself because I realized that he is who he is and it's our job to embrace him and be proud. It's possible that he may be shy and never be his true self around strangers and that's okay. It's also possible that he'll grow out of it completely and be Mr. Social. You just never know... Either way we need to make sure he is proud to be him no matter his disposition.

We did another full P90X workout tonight.  Ayden hung out in his bouncy seat while we did Plyometrics. He even fell asleep for a little bit.  I have to say I was a little worried about how I would manage to start working out again.  I just couldn't picture how it could be possible.  With all of the other hats that I wear these days (wife, mother, daughter, sister, pet owner, etc.) it seemed almost impossible to still wear the "me" hat.  I often find myself feeling a little bit guilty when he's just sitting there while we work out.  Then I remind myself that:
  1. We are right there in front of him where he can see us at all times so he doesn't feel lonely.  We also talk to him off and on throughout which is great for developing his listening and language skills.
  2. Working out gives me more energy and makes me feel good which then makes me an even better mommy for him.
  3. We are already modeling a healthy lifestyle for him.  Hopefully he'll grow to love it too and join us some day!
  4. We believe that taking care of ourselves by eating right and being physically fit are preventative medicine. By making exercise a priority, I am (hopefully) going to live a longer, healthier life which will benefit Ayden in the long run for obvious reasons.
  5. It is important that David and I make time to connect and working out together does that for us.
  6. Last but not least, babies need to learn how to be "alone."  Meaning they need to be able to happily exist without constant stimulation.  Don't get me wrong, we bounce, rock, cuddle, and baby wear all day long.  All of those things are VERY important for babies, but we also feel it is important for him to be able to just "be."  Our exercise time is a good start for practicing that skill. (Don't worry, if he were to really start to cry, I would scoop him up in a heartbeat but since he's been content and just hanging out I figure he's not unhappy.)
Getting back into exercise feels so good.  I had no idea how much I missed it!!  David told me I'd just have to get over feeling guilty because there's NOTHING wrong with it. :)  

In other news, Ayden has discovered his hands.  When he's hungry, he'll put his little fist up to his mouth and make really loud, lip smacking sucking noises.  There's not actually anything going IN his mouth.  He just sucks on the outside of his fist. It's too funny :).

"Feed Me!"
Do you ever feel guilty for taking some time for yourself?  What do you like to do during your "me time?"



  1. I think he looks a lot like your husband in that first picture!

    In the beginning I felt guilty when I wasn't constantly interacting with my son. Then I started to realize that sometimes he was whining because he wanted to be alone and it made me feel better about letting him "be" getting my mom on board with that (she provided day care) was a hard fought battle. She did/does not agree with that :( but I think you're absolutely right and doing a wonderful job!