Sunday, March 25, 2012

Down On the Farm

Today was one of those days where by the end, you wonder where all the time went...

We woke up, played with Ayden, stuffed diapers, had coconut pancakes for breakfast, meal planned, and went to the grocery all before UK played in their Elite 8 game at 2:20.  

We're onto the Final Four!!  Go CATS!! :)

For some reason I always feel utterly exhausted on Sundays so while David watched the game, Ayden and I took a nap:

Ayden down, Mommy to go...

After the game we headed to our home town to visit with our parents.  I grew up on a farm and we've always toyed with the idea of one day building our own home out there.  We currently live in a cookie cutter neighborhood and a sense of calm always washes over us whenever we visit the farm.  The stars are brighter, the sunsets are prettier (mainly because they are framed by rolling farm land as apposed to chimneys and power lines) and the air seems fresher.  We both agree that it would be better to raise our children out there.  Plus, it'd be crazy to pass up free KY farmland, right??  Tonight, we took our jogging stroller and had a great visit with my dad while we walked around their garden (my mom was still in Cleveland for that dance competition).  

While Dad and David caught the end of a golfing tournament, Ayden and I played on the swing set that my parents got for all of their grandkids (Ayden is their 6th!).

After we were done getting our dose of farm fresh air and atmosphere, we headed to David's parent's house for a little visit.  We got home much later than anticipated (around 9:00). Ayden was way past turning into a pumpkin and we were starving!  Lucky for us we grilled the chicken for tonight's salads along with our shrimp and veggies last night so dinner was quick and easy.  Now we're snuggled in bed ready to tackle the nighttime routine.  Little Miss comes tomorrow, I'm hoping I can be rested enough to make it through the day!


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