Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

Guess who's 8 weeks old today!!!

We had our first rough night in a while last night. Not necessarily bad for him but exhausting for me. Ayden got fussy around 7:00 (though not gassy fussy which is good...). He seemed to be over tired. All of his naps were cut short all day for one reason or another and I think it just caught up with him. We finally swaddled and put him to sleep around 8:30 and he slept hard! He woke up to eat around 10 and fell back to sleep nursing. I woke him one more time around 11 to put his night time diaper on him and nurse him a little more so he wouldn't wake up hungry after I had only slept for an hour or two. He woke at 2:30 as usual, we got back to bed by 3 then he was up by 4 and ready to party. I think his night sleep just got moved up a bit. If I had been sleeping while he was it would have been fine...

My wonderful hubby could tell how tired I was this morning so after Ayden's late morning feeding David strapped him into the stroller, leashed up the dog and got out of the house so I could nap for a bit. Though it was short, it was sweet! Perhaps quality over quantity works here too? I slept so hard that when they got back I felt like it had only been a couple of minutes rather than a half hour. I could have slept a bit more but I felt pretty awake for some reason.

We ended the day with a wedding:

And another victory for our CATS in the NCAA tournament!

Ayden was relatively good at the wedding. It landed right during feeding time so I pumped before we went and David fed him during the precessional. When the bottle was almost gone, David took him to the "Family Room" (a little sound proof room with a 2 way mirror in the back of the church).  I was a little nervous about taking a baby to a wedding, (we didn't want to be "those people") but it was the perfect set up.  Of course he looked so cute in his little outfit!

A brown collared onsie with plaid SHORTS!
(bibs are a must after feedings these days for spit up catching purposes.)
After the wedding we went to our friends' house for the game. It was Ayden's best visit with other people yet (including our parents)! Though he has become more even tempered with David and me at our house, he still tends to get very serious and a little fussy when we're at other people's houses. Tonight, they both got to hold and enjoy him. He was happy and content to just hang out. They were even able to put him to sleep when he got tired at the end of the night!

A rough start (for me), but perfect ending to Ayden's first St. Patrick's Day!!

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