Thursday, March 29, 2012

Back To Civilization

Happy Thursday!!
Today I ventured out of the house for the first time in days and let me tell you, I needed it!!!

I stopped by hobby lobby to get some crafty stuff, checked The Goodwill for large picture frames and hand weights (with no luck), then swung by the mall and the bank.

Though last night was a little rough and I didn't get a nap again today, I still feel SOOO much better than I have the past couple of days. Turns out, people actually need a good dose of civilization once and a while...

Ayden on the other hand had plenty of naps. One of which was accidental (my favorite kind. It's so cute when he falls asleep so quietly and contentedly).
He rolled on his side by himself and fell asleep <3
In the stroller at the mall
When we got home from running our errands, he was ready to eat. I just sat and savored the moment. His little fingers and little toes still amaze me. We made him... He grew from scratch in my belly and now he's here to share the rest of our lives with us. So amazing!!

We had some playtime after he ate and when he was ready to sleep again I decided to give my Moby wraps a break and sported the Ergo for our evening walk.

On our way out the door we had a package from Amazon waiting on our stoop containing these bad boys:

I see some more sleep training in our near future.  Someday I will get at least 6 hours straight again.  Hopefully sooner rather than later ;).

What's your favorite mommy outing?  Our local bookstore has baby and me story time on Thursday mornings.  I'm going to start taking Ayden, maybe I can meet some mommy friends!


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