Friday, March 23, 2012

Our Big Boy

How do you make it stop?!?  Ayden is growing up so fast!  I have a lot of pictures and video from our day today.

He has taken his morning nap in his crib almost every morning this week.  It is always 40 minutes on the dot.  I could totally set my watch to it...

We gave the Bumbo seat a try today:

He did great! :)

A little head bob here and there but like I've said before, if you never challenge the muscles, how do they develop??

We went to visit David at work for lunch.  Not only did Ayden not cry when he got in his car seat but he was all smiles:

He was awake and content for most of the car ride (even at red lights!).  He fell asleep when we were almost there and woke up when we went in.  He gave David the biggest smile when he saw him and was even smiling at everyone who gathered around to say hi.  When we finished eating he rested some more while David and I chatted for the remainder of his lunch break.

He said our visit made his day <3
Ayden was hungry when we left and started crying.  Since it's a 20-25 minute car ride, I decided to pull off into a parking lot and nurse him.  It's a good thing because what would have been 20 minutes of screaming turned out to be 20 minutes of this:

and he stayed that way for TWO hours!!  He's definitely becoming a more sound sleeper... He slept until I got to the studio to teach my Friday classes.  The competitive lines (which include my assistant) were at a competition in Cleveland, OH so I was on my own.  That was all good for a couple of solo students who didn't attend the competition; but I was a little worried about having the pre-dance class (18 two year olds) and Ayden all on my own...  Luckily attendance was down and I fed Ayden during my class before them so he was content to play on the play mat for that half hour.
I created a barrier so I wouldn't have to worry about the little ones touching him with their little germy hands :)
After I made sure all of the little ones were safely reunited with their parents I came back in to find this:

Shew!  It seems like every day is jam packed with firsts these days...  I'm so happy and fortunate to be able to stay at home with my little love to witness it all!

<3 My Little Buddy <3


  1. the last picture of ayden and you is so cute

  2. How sweet is that last picture? If you don't frame that you're crazy! :)

    1. Thank you. Will definitely be in a frame ASAP!!! :)