Monday, March 12, 2012

Low Key

Today was a pretty low key day. I'm trying to figure out some sort of schedule for the week. I decided that Mondays would be laundry and weekend house recovery day. Before, I was doing a load of laundry here or there and kept finding that our clothes were clean but never put away. With this new plan for Mondays, I can alternate putting in/switching over /putting away laundry with the various chores necessary to get the house back in order after the weekend.

Today I spent the morning playing with Ayden, doing diaper laundry and getting ready. We also tested out another big boy hybrid diaper:

Flip Hybrid
After lunch, I strapped him into the Moby and worked on the house for the rest of the afternoon.

It worked out pretty well that way. The one thing I need to work hard to include into my daily routine is a nap because I'm still exhausted pretty much all the time. It would also be helpful if I would make time to write these blog posts during the day at some point. As of right now, I write them during valuable sleep time after I get Ayden down for the night. It's good to set weekly goals so maybe these will be mine for the rest of this week:

  • get more sleep
  • write blog posts earlier

When David got home he played some guitar for Ayden. We've noticed this past week that he has really become a fan of music. He always responded well to our song (which I shared about in this post) but lately he'll smile when I sing to him, will calm very quickly to any music when he's upset and he'll just sit and listen with interest when David plays guitar for him.

You can just see his little wheels turning in his mind while he takes it all in. With how much music means to David, it means a lot that Ayden seems to already be taking such an interest!

If you are a stay at home mom, do you have a set schedule?

What are your goals this week?


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  1. I'm a SAHM. Just recently actually. I have a 19 month old and although we dont have a strict scheduale we do have a somewhat routine. mornings are for playing,cartoons, and a morning walk if its nice out. afternoons are for naps, afternoon walk (lately its been a trip to the park since its so nice out), quality daddy time, and a evening walk (if we didnt end up going for a morning walk.

    I dont usually do weekly goals, I do daily goals. I wake up and then I decide what to do with my day. I find that if i plan weekly i always make excuses to not do them, so by planning daily i try to do it all mostly in the morning and then afternoons are free.