Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Many Faces of Ayden

Here's what we usually go through to get our "Morning Dose of Smiles":

Cute and serious...
Arms and Eyebrows Up!
Tongue Out
Face Pull
"No pictures, please!"
Oh Maybe!
Open Mouth
Keeper :)
Every morning, after he nurses and has his diaper changed, he lays there on the changing pad and we talk.  I sing to him, ask him if he had sweet dreams, tell him our plans for the day, tell him I love him, ask what he wants to do, etc. and these are the faces that he gives me during that conversation.  He has become SOOO expressive and responsive and I love it so much!  If I lay him down somewhere and step away to do something, he smiles at me when I get back, he smiles in response to familiar songs and he even will smirk at the toys in his bouncy seat in the mornings as if to say, "Well hello friends!" It's so adorable. 

We've still been block feeding and my supply has increased yet again. The past couple of nights the "breast in waiting" has gotten engorged and leaked (which is okay... leaking reduces the risk of mastitis).  I use reusable breast pads at night and on days that I don't leave the house and the one on the full side was totally soaked and had to be changed every time we woke up throughout the night. This morning, because my supply is up so much, Ayden still hadn't emptied the side he'd been working on for the past 3 or 4 feedings. I was starting to worry about plugged ducts on the side in waiting so I got out my Milkies Milk Saver to hand express while he fed and proceeded to easily get out more than ever before!

A full ounce!


Today has been a wonderfully rainy day.  The kind of rain that is persistent and constant, without the threat of severe weather.  The perfect lounging day!  
Snuggle Bug
Ayden fell asleep nursing on the boppy on my lap at the table while I ate breakfast.  Then he napped in the Moby D, fell asleep nursing again in the glider (this time I moved us both to the bed where we took an hour long nap together), then fell asleep again while attempting tummy time.

Finally starting to fit into his 3 month clothes!

The sweetest face of all
I have to say, he's really getting the daytime napping thing down to a science.  Maybe it's an oncoming growth spurt but I'm hoping it's his new specialty!  When we told our midwife that he has been falling asleep randomly on his own in all kinds of places, she seemed pleasantly surprised and said it was a sign of a very happy and content baby.  That made us feel so good :).

Where's the most time/random place that your kids have fallen asleep??


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