Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Happy Leap Day!

February 29th.  It only comes around every 4 years and this one happened during Ayden's first.  That's pretty cool if you ask me!  

Today was yet another great day!  We practiced some side lying nursing this morning.  It's good to nurse in a variety of positions because each position focuses the suction towards different ducts.  The more positions you use, the more efficiently your breasts are emptied.  The majority of women who suffer from plugged ducts or mastitis are usually nursing in the same position all the time.  In the hospital I used the foot ball hold.  Now cross cradle is our go to but side lying is nice because you can rest while you nurse.  Rest sounds nice so I'd like to master that one...
He nursed to sleep and we spent a while snuggling belly to belly.
Definitely a wonderful moment to remember!
Today was also another good nap day!  I pull his little bed into the bathroom with me while I get ready so I can talk and sing to him and lately he's been falling asleep.  I turned on his sleep sheep to the weird whale setting and he took an hour long nap.  I took the opportunity to finish getting ready and have lunch.
Leftover chicken yam and chard soup
and my favorite show!
After lunch we attempted to go visit some friends but plans fell through so we ventured to Kohl's to pick up a few things.  I guess I pushed my browsing limit because he got hungry and started to cry so I headed to the checkout lane. While I was waiting in line, an associate proceeded to pet my child's head to try and calm him...  I realize that she was being kind and caring.  I really do, but it's bad form to touch a stranger's child without asking or invitation.  I am far from a germaphobe but that really did bother me.  I just smiled and tried to keep pushing the stroller past her when what I really wanted to do was say, "Stop touching my baby! The only thing that will calm him right now is a boob in his mouth and I don't think you can help with that..."  Here is where baby wearing comes in very handy.

In order to touch or even get a good look at your baby, the person has to actually invade your personal space which much less likely.  Why is it that we respect the personal space of adults, but not children?

Even though Ayden is pushing 6 weeks (what?!?) I finally got around to taking the pictures we plan to take every month for his first year.  I wish we had taken it when he was a newborn and on his 1 month birthday but I wasn't quite together yet.  We shall take them on each month birthday from here on out though!  It will be so fun to compare them all come his first birthday!

His 1 month and some change photo. Such a cutie!
He looked like such a big boy sitting there in the chair.  Some people think that babies are so fragile and that they need to be constantly supported and sheltered.  I do think they need lots of TLC but I also feel like they should be challenged. The more opportunity you give them to hold their heads up on their own (or to do whatever skill/ability they are working on), the faster those little muscles will strengthen and develop.  Our little boy is strong, healthy and loved to the moon and back!  We are so proud of how far he's come already!!  

Tomorrow is March 1st which means Spring is on its way!  It is my favorite season and I can't wait to share it with Ayden for the first time :).

Do you have any stories about strangers touching your babies?



  1. OH MY GOD I hated when people would touch my baby! That's why the moby was awesome because they are tucked all inside and you're right, they have to invade your bubble to see or touch. Also I LOVED side lying nursing. I would lay and nurse Mimi and watch movies on my laptop behind her head as she nursed then switch sides. My all time fav position.

  2. 1) You are absolutely right about babies needing to be challenged to practice their skills. If they are never given the opportunity, how can they be expected to learn/strengthen any of their skills? Of course they need to get that practice with close supervision, but it's clear you have that under control! (I'm still bitter about people criticizing you on YouTube!)

    2) Ick! I did not have any issues with people touching my baby, but I would have been just as uncomfortable as you. I used to ware my baby or keep a blanket draped over his infant seat/stroller so that people would not feel welcome to reach in and touch!

    (MrsMommy11 on YouTube)