Friday, February 3, 2012

Is it Really Still Winter??

Today was a great day.  The only things on my to do list were to take care of this little guy:

 and myself (I hadn't been drinking enough water or snacking enough).  Because I had set my standards pretty low for the day, I succeeded big time!  I even took a nap, straightened up, ran a load of dishes, took the dog for a walk and did a load of diaper laundry!  I felt so good at the end of the day because I was able to go above and beyond my original goals (the fact that I was well fed/hydrated surely didn't hurt).  I've found the ticket... start small and whatever else gets done is an added bonus!  

As I mentioned in yesterday's post we have an appointment set for Ayden's belly button on Monday morning.  In the meantime, our midwife sent us a link to a website that discussed treating umbilical granulomas with salt.  The process takes three days so we decided to give it a try over the weekend just in case we can treat it without using the harsh silver nitrate.  You put a pinch of salt on the granuloma:

Let it sit for 30 minutes, then wipe it clean with a cotton ball soaked in boiled water.  You do it twice a day for three days and it's supposedly supposed to shrink it away.  We'll see... If it doesn't work, we'll be at the pediatrician on Monday morning.

The weather was absolutely amazing today!  

Is it really February?!?  The dog is getting cabin fever as badly as I have so I checked the weather forecast to see if we could get out for a walk and I couldn't believe  what I saw:

The 10 day forecast looks just as good.  I can't believe it's supposed to be winter!  I was worried that having a January baby would keep me from getting out and about but if Mother Nature keeps this up, we'll be getting all kinds of fresh air!

Now, I shall leave you with some unbelievable cuteness:


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