Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Show and Tell

Some pictures from the day:

We had Ayden's first snow over night last night! But it melted before I could get a picture...

He had his worst crying spell yet this morning.  It broke my heart!  I sat and cried with him as his belly rumbled and he screamed.  It's just terrible to sit and watch your baby in such pain and discomfort and be defenseless against it.   
After the episode.  Glad to be feeling better...
Once we got through it all we got ready to go see Daddy at work:

Dressed to impress.  So funny how his pre-fold makes him look like MC Hammer!
David was so proud to show off his son to everyone at work.  They all gathered around and just looked at him for a little while.  They were all making comments about how small he is, how cute he is, etc, etc. We were just so happy and proud to call him ours. He slept for the whole car ride there and for the whole time David was showing him off.  He didn't even object to getting back in the car seat!  
Proud Papa
On our way home we stopped at  CVS Pharmacy to pick up some of this magic:

It gets AWESOME reviews and one of David's co-workers used it with her daughter and loved it.  We used it once this evening and it worked very well. I will do a full review once we've had a chance to really test it.  The funniest part is that he was sleeping soundly until I got in the check out line.  Then he got hungry and started crying so I was standing there with a crying baby and a box of Colic Calm.  Everyone felt very sorry for me. That time, though, he was just hungry.  

We got home and I fed him then we spent the next hour or so like this:

Napping like this is my favorite!
Someone wasn't ready to wake up when I was so he finished his nap in the Pack 'n Play.

David had some computer work to do when he got home this evening so I actually made dinner without any help! I tackled spaghetti squash for the first time.

I poked it all over with a knife, microwaved it (5 minutes for every pound), cut it in half lengthwise, cleaned it out (discarding the seeds) and mixed it with ground turkey and spaghetti sauce.  If you are trying to decrease your carb intake and are missing spaghetti meals, this is the way to go!  It was easy and delicious. We will definitely be making it again!

After dinner we gave Ayden his first real bath since his belly button is finally good to go.  Here he is all snuggled in his lamb towel afterward.

Though the day got of to a bit of a rough start, it ended up wonderfully. Tomorrow, Ayden gets to meet his cousins for the first time!  Should be fun :).



  1. That's funny, when we've got pants on my little guy, my husband makes our LO's legs "dance" and sings "Can't Touch This"...MC Hammer indeed!

  2. Sarah I'm so sorry you're dealing with colic (and poor Ayden!). I hope he feels more calm soon. I also use spaghetti squash (or shredded zucchini) for pasta substitutes, we love low carb+no processed foods!