Monday, February 6, 2012

There's A New Chef In Town

Today was another great day. I wore Ayden for most of the morning so he wasn't as fussy and got more sleep. He was starting to stay awake for most of the day which newborns aren't really supposed to be doing. I think it is another side effect of whatever ailment is making him so fussy. My goal was to get him to sleep more today and I'm proud to say, "mission accomplished" :). As I wore him, I spent the morning getting caught up on laundry and putting together our grocery list for this week.

I used to do 100% of the meal planning, grocery shopping and cooking; but ever since the week after Ayden's birth, David has taken more of an interest in the kitchen. I must admit that I am LOVING it! Not only is a man who cooks super sexy ;), but it's one more thing we can do together. We meal planned together yesterday morning then went to the grocery together tonight, where we found this fabulous apple:
Haha, so we might be 13 years old at heart...
And then we came home and prepped/cooked a meal together. I hope it's something he continues to enjoy because teamwork makes everything easier and more enjoyable. I can just see us now: we'll be one of those old couples you see in the movies who are standing side by side, swaying to music as they wash and dry the dishes by hand together (haha, a girl can dream can't she??).

The chef at work
His assistants :)
Fatherhood really does suit David. It has already made him even more responsible and mature than he was before (which says a lot because he's always been a very mature and responsible guy). He is going to be such a great role model for our son and I hope that Ayden will one day be as wonderful to a woman as his daddy is to me. <3


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  1. My husband cooks WAY better than me, BUT makes 10x the mess!