Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Sick Day

Not for Ayden or myself (thankfully)... But David has a terrible cold.  It started last week with drainage and a sore throat and now its moved down to his chest.  The poor guy stayed home from work today.  My job as a stay at home mom is, of course to care for Ayden and stimulate his development, but also to keep our house in order.  When I woke David up at 6:30 worried that he had slept in and discovered he was staying home, I debated on whether or no that meant the day off for me too...  I did a couple of productive things but a day off will always win in my book! Here are some pros and cons to treating a week day like it's the weekend...

Pro: Someone else was here to take pictures of us.

David snapped a picture of our morning snuggles <3
Most of the pictures that I have of Ayden with me I have taken myself...

Pro: Quality family time. We slept in together, went for a nice long walk together (it was a B-E-A-uitful day today!!), napped on the couch together, watched Netflix together... You get the picture ;).

Watching our evening episode of Heroes on Netflix
Ayden was so awake, alert, happy and just hanging out with us while we watched Netflix.  So fun and so cute!

Pro: David got some extra bonding time with this guy.
Yay for diaper changes!! :P
Since David was under the weather we had our new favorite homemade soup for dinner. We used to go for canned chicken noodle whenever one of us was sick; but since we're trying to eat only whole, clean and semi-paleo these days we needed to make some (sans noodles) from scratch.  

Pro: Delicious dinner with lots of leftovers.
Con: Someone had to be sick for us to think of making it...

Chicken Yam and Chard Soup
Here is the recipe.

Biggest con of all: When a stay at home mom takes the day off, the house looks like this at the end of the day...

But it's not going anywhere so I'll tackle it tomorrow.  It was totally worth it!!

In other news, I noticed a couple of days ago that Ayden is loosing his adorable peach fuzz (aka lanugo).  

Adorable fuzzy temples, you will be missed!!
I knew the day would come but I miss it all the same.  He's not our newborn anymore, now he's graduated to an infant.  I know it's cliche but time really does fly once you have children.

What is your go to meal when someone in your family is sick?


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