Sunday, February 5, 2012

Super Bowl Sunday

Ayden got to go to his first Super Bowl gathering tonight.

 It was his first outing (besides a couple of quick grocery runs). We did okay other than getting there an hour later than we had planned... He has gotten so fussy here recently that we weren't sure how it would go. Before he was born we always said we wouldn't let a baby stop us from having fun. We subscribe to the idea that a baby falls into your life, you don't mold your life around him or her (within reason of course). We just don't want to lose ourselves; so fussy baby or not we, were getting out of the house for the Super Bowl! Overall he did great. He was fussy whenever he was awake but luckily he slept for most of the time. It was my first time nursing with my nursing cover and I definitely wasn't as smooth with it as I would have liked. Aparantely even that is a skill that requires practice before it's mastered. Who knew??

Ayden continues to grow and change everyday! It truly is amazing how much growing and developing happens in the first year. He is spending so much time awake during the day and is sleeping in 3 hour increments at night. He's also been eating like a champ. He's working very hard on multiplying his chins. Can't you just see the concentration?!?

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