Monday, February 20, 2012

Sleep Solutions

From about our third night home, we've been pretty lucky with Ayden's nighttime sleep schedule.  Like I've mentioned before, he usually sleeps in 3 hour stretches and he definitely has his days and nights in the right order which is AWESOME!  He also wakes up in the best mood after a good night (there are still a few rough ones every now and then...).  This morning he gave David so many big smiles before he left for work.  Such a great way to start the day!

Morning smiles are the BEST these days!

Our only sleep problem is with nap times during the day.  If I am wearing him in the Moby or Ergo, he'll sleep for hours.  I love wearing him as it's nice to have him close and snuggly and I don't have to worry about running to check on him or carrying around the monitor.  My only issue with wearing him is that my upper back gets very fatigued after 6 or so hours wearing him throughout the day (broken by a feeding or two) and he's only going to get heavier!  This week I am starting to try to get him to nap a little on his own.  Today after he had been awake for most of the morning, I decided to swaddle him before a feeding, then I fed him and bounced him to sleep on our stability ball (works even better than our glider).  I laid him down and he slept for about 10 minutes and then his eyes were wide open like he'd never even been asleep. 

Before waking up from his disco nap...
I had thought that he was sleeping so well at night because I was swaddling him and wearing him gives the same sensation as swaddling too I'm sure.  I thought surely he'd get a nice nap if swaddled during the day but I was wrong so we are back to the drawing board.  I will continue to try to get him to nap on his own everyday and then resort to the Moby when/if it doesn't work.  Any suggestions on getting a 1 month old to nap without sensory input (ie. bouncing, swinging, wearing, etc.)?  He obviously can sleep without is since he does at night.  Is it just still a little too early to have such an expectation?  Hopefully we'll get it figured out before he weighs 20 lbs!  :)


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  1. I don't have any helpful suggestions, but I wanted to let you know my son has always been a champion sleeper at night and awful napper during the day! This was the case from very early on, so you're not alone. I did what I could to get him to nap from one day to the next. I also talked to his doctor who said I should keep doing what I was doing to get him to nap, whatever that might be. He also said that night time sleep is the most important, so as long as that is in check I should try not to stress over the rest. I'll be interested to see what you figure out! Parenting seems to come very naturally to you.