Wednesday, February 15, 2012

What To Wear?

This morning I got up before Ayden again.  I started a load of diaper laundry and cleaned up the aftermath from our Valentine dinner and then I heard him start to cry on the monitor.  I went and scooped him up, smothering his chubby cheeks with good morning kisses and then he fell right back to sleep before we even made it downstairs...  Sometimes you just need a cuddle I suppose.

Snoozing while I made breakfast.

I didn't have much on my to do list today since the house has stayed pretty tidy (it seems to be easier when you just stay on top of it! Who would have thought?!?) so my only to do's were to put away some clean laundry and venture out to the mall to exchange some nursing tops. 

Since Ayden weighed in at over 8lbs at our midwife appointment on Monday, I decided to give some of his big boy diapers a try.

Gro Via Hybrid

We tried it out all day and overall I really like it.  Though it looked very bulky, it fit well enough to catch anything he threw at it.  The inserts caught everything nicely so the shell stayed clean, which is a very nice feature in a hybrid.  I think as he grows, and it becomes less bulky, this will be a diaper we reach for often.  Now I'm just crossing my fingers that I don't somehow ruin it in the wash (I had a situation with our Lil' Joey's that's made me paranoid)!  Maybe we'll give our Best Bottoms a try tomorrow...

After we worked on the laundry, restocked all of the diaper stations with clean pre-folds (we have 3, one in his bedroom, one in our bedroom and one downstairs in our pack n' play) we took a nap then headed to the mall.  I'm a big people watcher so it was nice to finally venture out to a place with so many people.  Ayden really enjoyed the bumpy tile floors :).

He looks so tiny!  

 He was content, just looking at all the sky lights for a while and then he fell asleep and stayed like that until after we got home.

After walking around for a little while, we made it to Motherhood Maternity where I had purchased some nursing tanks at the end of my pregnancy.  On my due date, actually :).  My pregnant self tried on the tanks and determined that I would need mediums.  Then my non-pregnant self tried them on after having the baby and they were like tents...  They no longer carried the style nursing tank that I wanted so I decided to exchange them for actual nursing tops.  Before today, I only had three that I was rotating (with a few non-nursing tops here and there).  I now have seven... That's one for every day of the week :).  

My four new tops

It was my lucky day because Motherhood was having sales on nursing tops.  Buy one get one free on clearance items and buy one get one half off for regular priced items.  I went in with 3 nursing tanks and came out with four tops and only had to pay $2.30 for the difference.  Not bad!! These are all the kind you pull down so they are a little difficult to nurse discretely in.  I will definitely need to remember to pack the nursing cover.  I bought tanks because I like to layer with cardigans in the winter and also so they'll easily carry over into Spring and Summer.  

When we got home we walked the dog with David (the weather is still uncharacteristically warm for February here) and then we all made dinner together.  

We love the Ergo!

Did you invest in a nursing wardrobe?  Do you have any tricks for making your pre-pregnancy clothes work for nursing?



  1. When my cousin was nursing she just wore a nursing cami underneath a regular pre-pregnancy top. She was able then to lift her regular shirt up, unfasten the top of the nursing cami & her bra, and nurse discreetly without showing her tummy (or more). (And could use her regular shirt as well to cover up as needed) This worked really well and she only really had to invest money in 7 or so camis as far as her nursing wear goes. She used her cover at first but now she's a pro and doesn't even need to- you can't see a thing!

  2. I wore tank tops and cardigans all the time (even non-nursing tanks) and I found it super easy to nurse. I'm not really very shy in public, and after Mimi was 6 months she just thrashed off the nursing cover anyway :-/