Saturday, February 18, 2012

4 Weeks Old!!!

What??? 4 weeks already?!?
I asked David yesterday if he could believe that it had been four weeks already. He said yes and no... The labor that we went through seems so far away and surreal but our time with Ayden has seemed to just fly by.

Snoozing with Daddy this morning
Today was a very fussy day. I tried to stop block feeding and don't think we were ready for that (his poop also turned back to green today). I can't say it enough but I am so grateful and lucky to have a husband who is so involved and helpful on days like today. I definitely have a whole new respect for single parents.

We have tried out a couple more of his big boy cloth diapers. I really like the Best Bottoms. We have both hemp and Stay-dry soakers and as of now I like them equally. They are a bit bulky (as all one size diapers are guaranteed to be on our eight pounder) but we didn't need the cross over snaps. This makes me think that they may have fit him as a seven pound baby. They just would have been so bulky we would have had to skip on newborn clothing.

Best Bottom
We also tried our Itti Bitti Tutto. It is so soft and snuggly but I'm not so sure about the so called "patented poo fence.". Ayden's poops aren't blow out quality quite yet but the one he had while wearing that diaper made it past the poo fence and almost out of the leg gusset. We'll definitely be wearing it again but that so called poo fence needs to keep the poo in check!

Itti Bitti Tutto
The last diaper that we tried this week was his Charlie Banana. He's only worn it once but so far it gets an A+. Not TOO bulky for a one size and I really like the new bra strap like elastic for sizing. It came very clean in the wash and air dried very quickly. We did need the cross over snaps on this diaper but I still feel it would have fit him earlier. I had heard that the fact that the opening for the insert is in the front was annoying for boys but that didn't bother me at all.

Charlie Banana
I'm definitely having fun trying out all this fluff for the first time but we are still using pre-folds for the majority of the time. His newborn clothing gets very snug when he's wearing his pockets and hybrids. I would go ahead and put him in 0-3 month but the arms and legs would be way too long and he's also still pretty skinny in the mid section. So until he grows a bit more, we'll just try them out around the house where I can leave the crotches of his sleepers unsnapped. :)

Unsnapped crotches are in this season...


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