Thursday, February 2, 2012

View From the Top

I tried to get some housework done today but someone else had other plans for me... Ayden was awake for most of the day and was fussy for a lot of that time.

"Who me?  Fussy?  No..."
He seemed to want to eat every hour or so. Maybe he's gearing up for his first growth spirt?? We also think it may be possible that he has a dairy intolerance so I've started cutting it out of my diet to see if it cheers him up a bit.  He was content when I wore him in the Moby Wrap but I can only wear it in small doses because it makes my upper back a little tired. I'll have to build the strength for it. I love wearing him in it, though, because I get to have this view:

So sweet. He always falls asleep as soon as he's in :). Needless to say, I have some work to do when it comes to juggling being a mommy and housewife... Anyone have any tips??

In other news, we had our first worrisome moment as parents last night. Ayden's umbilical stump finally fell off (YAY!) but left something a little strange behind. I took this picture of it...

...and sent it to our midwife who then forwarded it to a pediatrician friend of hers. She said it is an umbilical granuloma. After consulting with our good friend Google, we were comforted to find out that it is not serious and is treatable. I called his pediatrician and we have an appointment scheduled on Monday during which they will confirm that it is in fact a granuloma, then cauterize it with silver nitrate. When my mom stopped by today and took a look, she said I had the same thing as a baby and my belly button turned out to be your run of the mill innie so that was comforting as well. Just a first of many worrisome moments as parents under our belts. I will definitely update as we get it treated.

~ Sarah


  1. first of all.. he's so darn cute :)
    secondly, my lil cooper had the same belly button thing.. the silver nitrate worked and all is well with his innie.. no worries.
    and third.. my only tip for the daily juggle is not to bother at this point because he will only be that little for a VERY very VERY very short time.. enjoy all of the cuddle on the couch days that you can because soon that sweet lil boy will be way too busy to snuggle. you're doing great.. kisses to your sweetie pie :)

  2. I'm not a stay at home mommy, but I tried to play housewife while I was on maternity leave and it was not easy. I should have rested more those first few weeks because the housework is endless. My tip to you is to strive for a balance between work and play that makes you happy and satisfied, but also remember that the work is never done. I had to lower my standards as far as housework is continued. For instance I decided that if all the laundry isn't done by Monday morning, so be it! I'd rather savor my baby boy.

  3. I was a full time stay at home mom for 4 years and now just part time. When having a newborn everything is a bit over whelming at first! You'll learn to balance everything in no time and you'll have a routine. I always try to make a schedule for the week, monday and wed laundry, tuesday-floors/bathrooms, etc.. But my best advice is just focus on that sweet baby,house work will get done (somedays more than others).. They grow up super fast and I miss that newborn stage so much! I have two boys of my own and love, love, love being a mommy!