Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Best. Day. Ever!!!

Today was an AMAZING day for Ayden! It's only 7:30 so the night's still young (I hope I'm not jinxing myself) but we haven't had a single gassy episode AND he napped on his own. Double win in my book :). I know that there will always be rough days amongst the great but I'm just so happy to be having more great ones sprinkled in there. It gives us something to hold onto during the more difficult times.

Here's the play by play:

We woke up for the day around 8am. Ayden had his window time, hung out in his bouncy seat while I had breakfast, hung out in the swing while I showered and hung out in his rock 'n play sleeper while I got ready. He was awake and happy the whole time (requesting to nurse a couple of times in there) and listened to me sing along with my favorites playlist. We were just hanging out together and it was wonderful.

When I finished getting ready he was ready to nurse again and this time fell asleep afterwards. I just sat in the glider soaking up every sweet moment: Listening to his uneven sleepy breaths, watching his little eyes twitch and mouth smirk while he dreamt, feeling his soft hair and smelling his sweet smell. A moment I hope to remember forever and also hope to repeat many times over!

I finally decided that I needed to be somewhat productive so I strapped him into the Moby where he continued his nap for the next couple of hours while I tackled some housework. When he woke, I changed and fed him then put him back in his rock 'n play sleeper to give him a stretch break from the Moby. I put my music back on and sang to him while I put away some clothes. I walked out of the closet to discover that he had fallen asleep on his own (with no sensory input!). He only slept for about 20 minutes but I'll consider it a small victory!!

Napping all by himself!!
When David got home we all went for a walk. Ayden usually fusses the whole time but I decided to set the seat back on the stroller up a little for him and he LOVED our walk. Don't know why I didn't think to do that before, we had it laying completely flat from when we first brought him home... He sat wide eyed, looking all around and punching his little fists into the air above his head like he was on a roller coaster. Once we were back, David took him upstairs and played guitar for him while I made dinner for some father/son quality time (Ayden usually gets fussy just in time for David to get home so they don't get that very often). Again, just wonderful. Now we've finished our dinner and Ayden just nursed to sleep on the Boppy while I write this post.

Maybe it's too much to ask but I'm kind of hoping tonight goes as stellar as today did, maybe sleep in 4 hour stretches...   Hey, a girl can dream can't she??? ;)

I know that not everyday can be like today but it really was so great that I wanted to type out the play by play. It might be nice to come back and read it on our next fussy day :).



  1. Thank goodness for days like that! As you said. Those sort of days really get you through the tougher ones!

  2. Thats so great Sarah! And I love your detailed writing!