Thursday, February 23, 2012

Tummy Time!

We had another awesome day today!!! Somebody pinch me :).

The temperature was above 60*... Bizarre weather for February, that's for sure! We went for a nice long walk and enjoyed the sunshine and fresh air. We're supposed to be getting thunderstorms tonight. Where's the snow??

I had Ayden do his first official tummy time. We have had him lay on his tummy on our laps and chests before. He will lift his head and can move it from side to side but he had never been on his tummy on his own. I had read recently that if you wait too long, babies might not like it and will get frustrated easily. He actually loved it! I was so proud of him and can't wait to see him acquire new skills as all of those muscles develop.

Ayden napped on his own again! It was still a pretty short one but I laid him down awake and he fell asleep on his own so I'm giving him some credit where it's deserved :). I think the key is loud(ish) music. Maybe I was wrong about no sensory input... He is totally his father's son with a love for music already!

We also took Maverick to get groomed today. If you didn't know, huskies shed. A LOT. When he starts to blow his undercoat we have to vacuum everyday (though we don't so it gets pretty furry around here) and he kind of looks diseased with clumps of fur coming out of his hips and shoulders. I was worried we might lose Ayden in a tumbleweed of fur so I made a grooming appointment. We were 20 minutes late because Ayden decided he was hungry as we were heading out the door. Someday I'll be on time for things again, right? Once Mav is groomed, he's back to our beautiful dog and we only have to vacuum once a week. $45 well spent in my opinion!!

My mom came over tonight to visit with Ayden. She had a chest cold and hadn't seen him in a while. I swaddled him and put him to sleep when she got here and left him with her while I went to pick up Maverick. It was my first time ever being without him in the past four and a half weeks, or since I found out I was pregnant if you want to get really technical. It was bittersweet... It was nice to have some "me time" (though driving to the groomer and back wouldn't exactly have been my first choice but you have to take what you can get I suppose). It was nice to have some space, but I thought about him the WHOLE time and was so happy to see him when I got back.

He barely woke up to eat about a half hour ago and went right back to sleep while nursing. He hasn't slept this soundly since his first week. Maybe he's gearing up for a growth spurt?

Tomorrow's Friday and I have to take him with me to teach dance. I'm hoping he'll sleep the whole time so I can get some choreography done. I'm a little behind from my maternity leave. Wish me luck!!

Good night!

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