Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

This morning I enjoyed breakfast while watching my favorite show:

Does anyone else out there have to decide between sleep or alone time?  I'm pretty sure that's a choice all mothers have to make daily.  I'm glad I'm getting to the point, rest wise, where I can swing it.  I'm definitely more tired by the end of the day when I don't take advantage of that last sleep session; but I just hate getting out of bed with half the day already over...

Ayden was AMAZING this morning.  He hung out in his swing while I took a shower:

Then he hung out some more in his Rock and Play Sleeper while I fixed my hair and makeup.  

I can see why a lot of new mom's don't bother getting ready everyday.  Today was the first day that it didn't take me two hours...  I usually have to stop to calm or feed him but today he was a rockstar.  So content to just hang out.  I was playing music and singing to him, he seemed to enjoy it :).  

I can't bring myself to not get ready every day and there are a few reasons why:
  1. I have very fine hair that dries and gets brittle if I wash it too often so I only wash it every other day.  I also have hair that is frizzy and poofy if I don't blow dry/straighten it.  This being said, I like to fix it because then I can have manageable hair that looks somewhat decent on the second day.
  2. It makes me feel good.  I always just feel blah when I don't put forth the effort.  Call me vein...
  3. Though my husband tells me everyday that he thinks I'm beautiful, with or without makeup, I really think it's important to put forth effort to be sexy and attractive for your spouse.  Even after 12 years together, he can't keep his hands off of me (especially right now since we are still in the 6 week postpartum wait and I'm "off limits").  This is partially due to the fact that I make a point to stay sexy and attractive for him.  Just because I'm a mom now doesn't change the fact that I'm still his wife (this also includes physical fitness.  I can't wait to start working out again!).
Today we just hung around the house with plans to finish the laundry and tackle some smaller to do's. 

Ayden's grandma (David's mom) brought him his first Valentine's Day present on her lunch break...

So cute :)

...and we spent a LOT of time doing this:

Notice the laundry waiting in the background...

My midwife told me at our appointment last night to expect more nursing around every 3 week mark (3, 6, 9, 12 weeks, etc.) because that's when they are usually gearing up for growth spurts.  He just hit 3 weeks on Saturday and he seemed to want to nurse every hour or so today.  I've always loved reading so I've taken to reading my books to him while he's nursing.  It's so beneficial to read to children and it's never too early to start!  It can be anything from magazines and your own novels to, of course, children's books.  The sky's the limit :).  It's nice that I haven't had to give up one of my favorite pass times.

We took a nap about an hour before David got home so we could gear up for our evening of Valentine activities:

When David got home, Ayden took another nap in the Moby while we walked the dog together and then we got started on dinner.  As soon as we lit the candles in our dining room and sat down to eat, Ayden had a gas attack and was screaming and crying.  David came to the rescue and calmed him.  He is SUCH a good dad.  We finally gave him a half dose of his Colic Calm and he felt better for the rest of the night.  

This year's Valentine's Day was VERY different from those in our past but you've got to work with what you've got ;).  I have to say I am a very lucky lady to have had TWO Valentines this year :).  

<3 My boys <3


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  1. Sounds like a perfect first family Valentine's Day!