Friday, September 14, 2012

Last Day Of Vacation

Well, the last full day of our vacation was kind of rough overall. Ayden was out of sorts all day and we couldn't seem to get him turned around. According to my Wonder Weeks App, he's in a fussy period as he makes his "categories" leap. According to their research (over 30 years worth!) most babies enter a fussy phase during this time and also experience sleep interruptions, nightmares, jealousy, and a few other things that coincidentally we are seeing in Ayden right now. This App has come in pretty handy because just having an idea about why things are happening helps you find more patience to endure it and also reminds you that it is only temporary.

In hindsight we were so glad that we chose to make today a pool day. We had breakfast, took our morning walk and had some fun on the resort playground.

During Ayden's morning nap I painted my nails which is something I've been wanting to do for months but never made time for. When he woke up, we had lunch, got everyone ready and slathered in sunscreen, went through our pool checklist, loaded up our arms and were ready to walk out the day only to find that Ayden had pooped in his swim diaper. Awesome. We got him cleaned and changed into a back up pair of swim trunks that are too big and finally made it to the pool. We enjoyed the lazy river and got to read some of Mocking Jay while Ayden practiced his standing on the side of our chairs. After a while, though, we were ready to come back to the room. Though Ayden had cheered up a little bit, he still was pretty moody.

When we got back we took an hour long family nap which seemed to help us all perk up a bit. When we woke up it was about 6:00 and time for dinner. Ayden and I still needed to wash off our sunscreen so we showered and then warmed up some leftovers for dinner. I swear the zucchini lasagna gets better the longer it sits.

After dinner we decided to go play another game of HORSE but the problem was that neither of us could make a shot! David eventually found his groove but I finally gave up and just played with Ayden.

Around 8:00 Ayden started showing some signs that he was sleepy but for some reason he got a second wind when we got back. After the fussy day that he had, David and I were more than ready for him to go to bed but Ayden was ready to play. He's been biting me more and more and me trying to nurse him when he'd rather be playing just sets me up for pain. I finally gave up and proposed that we go for another walk with Ayden in the Ergo and it was just the ticket. He fell fast asleep and David and I finally got the break we needed.

Tomorrow we head home and are going to try to go straight through, stopping at rest stops along the way. It's been a great vacation. Ayden got to experience the beach, we had a ton of family time and David and I had a lot of quality time as a couple. I just hope we make it home with our sanity in tact.


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