Monday, September 10, 2012

Beach Boy

Ayden LOVED the beach today! We started the day with breakfast and a walk. While we were out we stopped at the resort's playground where Ayden made a friend. There was an adorable 4 year old girl, coincidentally also from KY, and Ayden couldn't take his eyes off of her and kept smiling at her.

Smiling at his girlfriend :)
Once we made our way back to the room, Ayden and I took a morning nap for an hour and a half. Talk about glorious! When we woke up I put dinner in the crockpot and then we headed to the beach!

We figured Ayden would like the beach but you just never know. He definitely held on tight at first but soon enough he was eating handfuls of sand and wanting to get his toes back in the water.

David and I both have a huge appreciation for natural wonders and think the ocean is magnificent.

 I love how salt water makes effortless "beach waves" hair so I got in and got my hair wet first thing. David and I took turns holding and playing with Ayden so the other could get some sun or wade into the waves. As for toys, we took nesting cups, keys and a little ball and they were perfect. Ayden mainly patted the sand down with the nesting cups and chewed on the sand-covered keys. He also enjoyed practicing his standing on the arm of my beach chair since it was just the right height.

 We didn't time things very well on our way back. Our original plan was to have Ayden take his afternoon nap under our beach umbrella while we read our books and enjoyed the ocean breeze but we decided to head back before his nap. He was so tired, though, that he fell asleep just as we were pulling into the resort parking lot despite our efforts to keep him awake. We were all covered in sand, salt, sunscreen so we had to take a shower which rejuvenated Ayden and gave him a second wind. I tried to get him back to sleep after the shower but he was trying to crawl around, play, and babble so I decided that if he was in a good mood, there was no sense fighting the fight. We had missed our window and we are on vacation after all so why not just go with the flow.

We finally got our very over tired boy to sleep around 7:00 and hopefully he'll sleep well tonight. David just went out to get The Hunger Games from a RedBox so we're going to snuggle in and have a movie night. So far our first family vacation has been wonderful and already full of amazing memories.


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  1. I want to see photos of Ayden at the beach!