Thursday, September 20, 2012

Fall Fashion

Now that Ayden is almost 8 months old (tomorrow!!), he is finally ready for some 6-9 month clothes. He is still fitting into some 3-6 month stuff but is officially borderline.

Most 3-6 month clothes still fit...

So after story time,

Front Row Joe :)
we went to a local consignment store where we had a $55 credit. Here is what we came away with:

It all looks so big!
This particular consignment store is more upscale and my plan was to cash out there and then take said cash to a cheaper consignment store but the reality was that I just didn't have it in me to drive to a whole other place and do the whole in and out of the carseat 50 times in one day thing. I probably would have come away with more clothes but oh well, I'm pretty happy with what we got. We will also going to be getting our nephew's 6-9 month bin and honestly that alone could clothe 5 babies. I just didn't want to rush my sister and also think that every mom enjoys shopping for clothes to dress her own baby.

When we got home I fed Ayden and then pumped 4 ounces. I was actually surprised that I got that much after a feeding.  My 10 year high school reunion is on Saturday night and my parents will be coming to hang at the house while Ayden sleeps. Since there is no telling how many times he may wake while we are gone or how much milk he may want, I want to leave plenty of fresh milk, anywhere between 10-12 ounces, just in case. I have that much in the freezer but once you thaw frozen milk it has to be use within 24 hours or you have to throw it out which makes me reluctant to dip into my tiny freezer stash. If they don't use the fresh, I can just add it to the freezer stash.

I straightened up the house, vacuumed (Ayden LOVES the vacuum and follows it everywhere), and put out my fall decorations. Fall and Winter are the only seasons I decorate for and the candle scents are the best too. Ayden went down for a late afternoon nap while I happily burned my vanilla pumpkin candle and made zucchini shrimp "pasta" with avocado "cream" sauce for dinner. It totally tasted like the shrimp pesto pasta that used to be one of our favorites. It's always so satisfying to find/create a Paleo version of old favorites and the more we find, the easier it is to keep up this lifestyle.

Ayden has had a few new developments recently. We can now add light to the list of things he'll look for on command along with Daddy, Mommy, cat, dog, fan and ducks. When you sing the ABCs or start reciting Brown Bear, he'll look for those books as well.  He will also look beyond our finger to whatever we are pointing at when we point now. The most recent development that he mastered today was drinking from his Playtex straw cup. We've been working on that one for weeks and today it just clicked. He kind of had the concept for the past week or so but didn't suck long enough for the water to make it to the top of the straw. Then all of the sudden, today he did it! It was so cute at dinner when he reached over, grabbed his cup off the able and took a drink. He can now meet his own need for thirst which is huge!

After dinner we all took a walk and attempted to get Ayden to bed early but that was a fail. I suppose his late afternoon nap had something to do with it. He's asleep now, though, so now it's time for me to snuggle my honey.

On our walk.  The two on the right are my favorites <3 td="td">
Tomorrow is FRIDAY! We will be attending the homecoming football game for my high school and will be having a pot luck with some of my fellow 10 year alums. Should be fun, we can't wait to show off our cute little boy!


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  1. He's so handsome! I love that little vest you got. He's gonna look like a doll in it.

    Enjoy the game and potluck. Sounds like you got a great weekend planned.