Friday, September 7, 2012

On the Road Again

Today was an on the go kind of day from start to finish. Here is a run down:
1) usual morning to do's
2) get ready while Ayden took his morning nap
3) finish Grandparents' Day gifts

4) pack for animals
5) drop off Polly at my parent's, deliver their gift, and visit for a bit

6) drop off Mav at kennel
7) cash check for spending money at bank
8) stop by David's Mom's office to deliver their gift and visit
9) finally home to pack by 2:00

David was so sweet all day. He knew I had a lot to do with caring for Ayden on top of it so he kept reminding me that we are on our own time and that we'll leave when we leave, and kept telling me how great I was doing. He really is the best. Both of my boys are. I told Ayden that I wished he understood reward because he deserved one for being such a good boy. I gave him extra hugs anyway and he smiled so perhaps they were reward enough...

David got home at 4 and we left the house at 7. Only an hour after we wanted to but like David had been saying all day, it didn't really matter. That is the beauty of vacationing on your own. Vacationing with extended family or other families is nice but there is something to be said about only having to worry about your own little family.

We plan to stop for the night after 4 hours. That's one more hour than we've ever driven with Ayden. His naps were crumby today and he was ready to go to sleep for the night by 6:30. I nursed him to sleep and transferred him to his carseat hoping he'd just sleep the whole way but he's already restless, poor little guy. One hour down and three to go. We shall make the best of it!


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