Wednesday, September 12, 2012

No Sun Fun Day

We decided to take a break from the sun today. Even though Ayden is over six months now and we can slather him in sunscreen, we still don't want to over expose the little guy. We were also tired of applying it to ourselves since we've switched to more natural sunscreens and they are very thick to spread (did you know that deodorant and sunscreen are the two most toxic products we use and traces of their chemicals show up in breast milk? Just some food for thought...)

So on lieu of the pool or the beach we went in search of a little town to walk around. The front desk of our resort pointed us in the right direction. First stop was Conway, SC where there was a great arboretum around the Waccamaw River.

There was moss growing on all of the trees and it was so peaceful and beautiful. Conviniently enough, there was a playground where Ayden got to swing which is one of his new favorite things:

There was also a little town that we walked around for a bit. When we got back to the car, I fed Ayden and then we headed to The Market Common.

This place is like an untold secret around these parts! If they had better advertisement I bet it'd be crawling with tourists from Myrtle Beach; but an associate at a shop we stopped in was telling us that they had maybe 3 billboards and those didn't even do the community justice. It was a new establishment that had shops with townhouses above (which David loves! We actually lived in a community very similar to that while we were in PA a couple of summers ago). There were all kinds of shops like Fossil, Banana Republic, Anthropoligie, etc. and lots of cafés and dessert shops.

We stumbled upon another shop that reminded us of one of our favorite finds in West Chester, PA while we lived there. It was an infused Olive Oil and Balsalmic Vinegar shop called Devo that has all of the oil and vinegar on tap. You can walk around and taste all of the different options and get combo recommendations. We ended up purchasing fig balsamic with a blood orange olive oil to use as a salad dressing. The combination was very sweet and delicious. The similar store in PA was called A Taste Of Olive and our favorite combos from there were jalapeño oil/peach vinegar and lemon oil/lavender vinegar.

When we came back to the resort, I did some clean up on our room while the boys played (somehow it gets trashed in no time), warmed up some BBQ pulled pork and collard greens leftovers for dinner and then we got into our swim suits for an evening swim in the heated indoor pool.  Ayden stole the hearts of everyone around us with his sweet smile, as usual, and when we came back he went right to sleep.

Playing before dinner
While I was nursing Ayden to sleep, David went out to RedBox to get us another movie (he came back with the new Footloose) and to find a wifi to use to download the pictures for this post.  He's so awesome! :).  Now we're snuggled up on the couch, with some paleo fudge pops, ready for another movie night!  Only two full days left of our vacation, it is going by so fast!



  1. Our family uses natural sunscreen as well. And we are in the process of converting the rest of our products. What natural deodorant have you guys tried that you like?

  2. So far I've tried the Salt brand. It's okay but I think I'll be trying out a few before finding one that I love...