Sunday, September 2, 2012

Highlights & Lowlights

We had an awesome weekend and now we are headed home!

 Highlights from the trip:

• The obvious, having so much quality time with great friends! We went to the pool, a baseball game, on a long walk, attempted to watch a movie though we all fell asleep, and just hung out. Good times :)
• Having a lot of down time. Sometimes you need to get away from your own life/home in order to relax.
• Seeing Ayden through other people's eyes. We spent most of our visit all sitting on the floor, circled around him while he explored and played. He's a lucky boy with so many people who love and care about him.
• Ayden was so happy that Jess and Adam have not one, but TWO cats to crawl after. One even let Ayden touch him! Probably the biggest highlight in Ayden's opinion. 
• Ayden slept better this weekend than he has in a while. He even took a two hour nap this morning and is asleep in the car now.
•Ayden's rash is so close to being gone it's not even funny. I am so proud that I trusted my instinct and stuck with holistic treatments. The more I try, the more I swear by them!
• Heading home with a whole other day to look forward to. Three day weekends are the best!

Lowlights from the weekend:
• Ayden crying on the way down.
• The University of Kentucky (our alma mater) had their first football game of the season and lost 32/14. Not a great start to the season...
• Ayden kept spitting up all over Jess and Adam's house today. They didn't mind but seriously, it can stop any day now!

We, of course, have a big to do list for tomorrow because hyper scheduling our weekends is what we do best :). We'll be meal planning, grocery shopping, and doing a few other things. I hope we manage to carve out some fun as well but with Hurricane Issac making it's way up we'll be getting a lot of rain on our Labor Day.

Did you get a 3 day weekend? How have you filled your days?



  1. Yes we also had a three day weekend and we took a short trip to Luxembourg which is 2hours away from us and it was amazing. Such a great City with old buildings and so clean. I loved it and I could train my french which was AWESOME!!! Greetings from Germany!

    1. 3 days weekends are the best! Your trip sounds so fun. We would love to visit Germany someday. We always appreciate all of your comments too! We visited your blog and tried to translate a post through a translation website but it didn't do a very good job. Do you do book reviews?

  2. Do you think Ayden could be spitting up so much because of your diet or supplements you're taking? Just a thought. -Elizabeth